Trying to find a job

Everyone says I should not look at the moment with a relapse I had. I got a sick note but I keep finding myself applying for jobs and I can’t even work at the place as I need remote jobs

Take some time for yourself.

Go to the job centre. Arrange for time UC and PIP and take some time off. Recovery might help you more, as going straight into work could exacerbate the brain trying to return to normal

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Do you feel ready to work?

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I got universal credit but can’t be bothered with pip but I’ll speak to someone to help cos they denied 3 times

Well no but when will I be ready I just want to get stuck in and back to normal as soon as I can

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This is because of where you mentioned you are from. The system in our country is so strained.

Even I’m taking forever to arrange help after having just left a job. And I live outside of the capital!

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I’m not near there but the line is the same one used. I live in Brent. It’s bad they said I scored 0 in every section it’s designed for mobility issues and doesn’t take mental health into consideration much

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Are you kidding me?
You just went through a major psychotic break and you want to go back to work?!

It’s time to take it easy for a while, and you might have a better chance of getting disability payments now that you’ve been hospitalized.

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Hm. Did you do both components? There’s a mobility part and also a daily needs part. The daily needs part is where you can receive support for your diagnosis. It is worth doing, is your care co-ordinator of any help?

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I can try for it again but I doubt it … I’ll give them another call. Tomorrow.

I agree completely with Wave.

You need a recovery time…

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It’s difficult as I’m so bored the emails are flooded with job ads

If you’re not ready, then just relax. Don’t get a job yet. Take time to recover. You’ll know when you’re ready

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When I was going through a hard time in 1998 I quit my job and joined a day program. Stayed there a year and then went back to work.

Luckily I still had the motivation and ability. I just think your situation might be a matter of balance. It’s good to take time off until your mental health gets better but on the other hand if you take too much time off you may not feel like working again. It depends on you.

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Maybe see if you can find alternative, suitable things to do.

For instance, I started off with recovery college, which was open even during covid, since it’s health and education, and then now I’m doing personal journaling.

And maybe a hobby?if you feel like it…

I hope you find something to do that will help your mental recovery, and keep stress to a minimum.

Idk if job is right for you right now, unless you feel adamant that it is, like discussed it with a therapist or something like that too.

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I went straight into work after my last admission to hospital. I just felt bad as a person because I weren’t able to function like I used to:

If you can find a job. Do take it. But if you can’t, you’re good to work on fitness and self healing, things like diet or confidence or maybe even practical skills like learning to programme or leisure like drawing.

A year is a good time to just plan what you can for yourself in terms of what you want. Then afterwards, use grit to get through work, because the time out will definitely cause a case of “laziness” or just a shock to your system when you do eventually work again.

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I went back to work like 5 days after a suicide attempt and always went to work like a week after getting out of hospital. Honestly I’m totally burnt out from all that. Get better first and then take a few months off


I’m going to try stay away but if there is an easy work from home part time opportunity I’ll take it

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After my psychotic break I went straight back to work. It was uber weird and it wasn’t, with hindsight, the best thing I could have done. I should have sat on sickness allowance for a while and got better. I ended up going back to work on meds but still symptomatic and confused. It was horrible and it’s one thing I wish I’d done differently but everyone was pushing me to be employed.

I agree you should take your time and get stable first.

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