Feeling Iffy About Returning to Work

I worked high stress (for me), customer service-type jobs before falling ill and my therapist thinks I’m ready to return to such work now (I’m still waiting to hear back from disability but she doesn’t think I’ll qualify for it). Her claims aren’t baseless; not to imply I’m some shining example of a mentally ill person lol, but I’ve come a long way since my psychotic break back in August. I don’t take everything personally anymore and my anger issues have been tamed by meds. In many ways I’m better off now than before my break. I’m more aware of my emotions and thoughts and the impact of my words and my actions on other people. But I worry that the stress of working might get to me yet again if I go back too soon. It’ll be a big adjustment from the low stress life I lead now. I want to trust my therapist; she seems to have good insight into my condition. She wouldn’t say such a thing lightly. For those of you who are working or have worked, what steps do/did you take to keep stress down to a point where it doesn’t/didn’t affect your work performance? Of course I’ll ask my therapist next time I see her as well. Thanks for reading!


If YOU think you are capable of working then why not? Make sure you don’t overdo it and stress yourself out again.


In terms of making it less stressful, maybe if they can be understanding if u have told them/will tell them about ur condition and ensuring you went to bed early enough to get the amount of sleep u need. In the UK you can give them adjusted work conditions sick notes so that they are a bit less demanding of u…I don’t know if they have that in ur country. Unfortunately, they were still demanding of me at my retail but maybe not in ur job.
But like @DNA said the most important thing is that you feel u are suitable for that now. Otherwise, maybe there are less demanding jobs out there.

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Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Personally, I think a low stress job like data entry would be right up my alley; unfortunately, jobs like that are in short supply where I live. :confused:
As soon as I hear back from disability either way, I’ll start applying anywhere around here that’s hiring and weigh my options after getting call backs. If I really can’t handle more high stress work (at least, right away) then I’ll take more time off to improve myself. I’m lucky I have that option!

Edit: I’ve noticed I talk a lot about work on here. :sweat_smile: I think it’s an obsession tbh…

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