Trying to cut out the caffeine

Haven’t had coffee in 48 hours. Had some tea yesterday, it was surprisingly potent. Thought I’d go without any caffeine today, wound up sitting here craving a mountain dew… Couldn’t say no. Will try again tomorrow.

Finished the mountain dew about 10 minutes ago. Can feel slight pressures in the head from the caffeine/sugar. I really want to learn to live without this stuff.

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I try intermittently to go without caffeine. I’ve drank ten cups of coffee a day for forty years. I finally decided it would be simpler, cheaper, and easier to take caffeine pills. I’ve sometimes wondered if I cut out caffeine and did transcendental meditation I could do without psychotropic medication.

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It does a lot for me as far as killing boredom and keeping me going through the day.

It also ramps up the sz and messes with my ability to sleep.

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I think that drinking coffee is a habit, for instance I like to drink coffee and listen some music at the same time, just made coffee and listening some Miami Vice music.


I am a heavy tea drinker and I want to be a heavy coffee drinker too but we just make coffee rarely and heavy means four to five cups… I know tea has polyphenols and anti oxidants and cathechins so it is very good… I came to know that caffine decreases serotonin and stopped drinking tea and I started again. My experience with heavy coffee drinking is, I lost several kilograms of body weight and life is awesome if you are a heavy coffee,green tea and black tea drinker

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Tea has a minuit (minute) amount of caffeine. Switching up coffee beans also may help albeit daily chronological routine usage will not lead you to much little by little. Keep it up! Sounds like you’re perspective is coming together.

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Maybe try just reducing at first - maybe substituting decaf for one of your cups a day. Then gradually add more decaf.

I had a pal who was a qualified doctor. He worked for a drug company organising clinical trials for new meds. Anyway the participants were asked to quit all drugs for the duration of the trial - except caffeine. Cos quitting coffee cold turkey would effect the results of the trial.

Well haven’t had any caffeine since a mountain dew way early this morning. So far so good. No cravings or desire.

I’m also not having any trouble holding back on smoking though I still do it anyways about every hour and a half.

On to good things I feel. Most of my troubles set in, are recognized, then pass within 5 minutes.

Took on a lot of stress today otherwise. Went downtown, paid bills, filled out stuff for insurance. So I don’t know I’m thinking in a few days I’ll be more comfortable. The complexity of just doing those things left me feeling like things either weren’t real or that I was going to go insane(to what end I don’t know it’s just that feeling of uncertainty). It all passed quickly. The city during the day is always crazy busy, I don’t really like going out into that.

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mountain dew
and all other soft drinks, cool drinks, energy drinks and sports drinks

have cancer causing chemicals and also you body will be more prone to dangerous diseases.

Just stop drinking it man, no need to grab the cutlery. ■■■■!