Quitting Coffee for good

I woke up this morning and decided that I will no longer be drinking coffee or consuming any kind of caffeine.

I thought that it would be best for me since I suffer from all kinds of anxiety disorders - no coffee, less anxiety.

Caffeine interacts with antipsychotics, making them less therapeutic.

I am just tired of being addicted to another drug - I have already cut back on my coffee intake, but decided to do away with it completely.

I need to be more calm naturally and less jittery.


Good call @Wave.

I am considering quitting it too because I have very loose bowels after drinking it, mostly like diarrhea. It’s so upsetting to my whole system.

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I know that feeling. I gave up tobacco so I’m allowing myself to have a little more caffeine and alcohol for now.

What’s odd is that my hangovers are just as bad as when I was a smoker. I always thought it’d be different.

Sounds like a good idea @wave

I went three days without caffeine a couple weeks ago… Was a good experience, but I still go for a Mountain Dew a couple hours after waking up.

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you show that coffee whose boss!

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Sounds like a reasonable decision. good luck and I hope it goes easy for you.

Please let us know how it goes…

I’ve never had the strength to cut back on the coffee… I do love coffee… Living in Seattle… where whole sections of town smell like coffee…

I would like to cut back… but not sure I’d be able to.

Best of luck for you… :thumbsup:


Its only been like 6 hours and I am feeling sick, weak and groggy - This is going to be tougher than I thought it would be.

Just try and do something else forget coffee exists and that you’ve ever drank it.

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Yeah, good idea - Just going to distract myself with other things to do - thanks @SoitGoes

No worries man. Habits are tough to break.

I have to do that every half hour or so when I wind up thinking about smoking.

Nothing wrong with caffeine and pre-workout for me personally

Holy ■■■■! I dont know if I should have quit cold turkey - starting to get nausea and generally feeling sick - headaches, flu like symptoms etc… Honestly quitting nicotine was easier for me!

I am not going to cave in - too late for that.

Hopefully I will feel a bit better tomorrow.

(Hope I make it through the night :confused:

I figure anything that raises blood pressure and body temp without doing something strenuous can’t be good for you, I mean that’s what cocaine does.

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So true …

NOOOOoooooooooooo :scream_cat:
take care :alien:


whole sections of your town smell like coffee… !?!
i am moving !?! :house:
take care :alien:

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Caffeine gives me chronic headaches. Good choice.

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how’s it going? I read an article about coffee changing your complexion, I would totally try to give it up if it’s gonna improve my skin. It doesn’t help my acid reflux either.

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The withdrawals are just awful!

In my opinion worse than tobacco withdrawal.

It’s probably going to be about a week or so till I am feeling better - hopefully.

My main problem is that I’m like a zombie until I have my coffee, I don’t wake up properly until I’m on my second cup. I’m noticing a difference in this zombieness since I lowered Geodon though, the med might have caused it. I’ve also read a lot of good things on coffee improving health, especially metabolism. I guess too much of something is not good for anyone.

To be honest, the meds I take zap the life out of me - If I continue not do so well without some coffee, I may go back to drinking at least one cup of coffee - Ive been a coffee drinker since I was a teen, it is difficult to break some habits.

There are some benefits to drinking coffee - Ill see how it goes.

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