Caffeine Addiction

I think I’m hopelessly addicted to caffeine.

When I don’t have it, I become terribly tired and sometimes sleep a considerable amount. When I drink coffee it flips a switch, I don’t sleep, I get kind of mainicy, and I can be very productive.

It must trigger the bipolar part of my schizo-affective. Strange that such a common substance can have such a dramatic effect.

I guess I should wean myself off of it, but it’s so good. :smile:


Due to my insomnia I had to take a different approach with my caffeine intake. I like my coffee lol. Now I try to only drink caffeine in the morning. The rest of the day I drink decaf or herbal tea. Try having a cut off time for drinking it like around 11-2.

Ewww. :smile:

I limit myself to no more than one pot a day. Any more and I run the risk of getting sick and shaky. That’s about the limit of my control I think.

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I used to drink much coffee in the past, but recently I have made a change in my life and I drink just two cups of coffee in the morning. I do not drink at all during the day and especially not in the evenings so that caffeine would not disturb my sleep. Too much caffeine is said to cause also some hallucinations. I do have some espresso coffee and I make it again in the early morning hours when I wake up. I think my change has been good for me.

I think most people can tell the moment I’ve passed the coffee threshold. I get a bit out there. I feel myself no longer being able to spell, my grammar goes out the window and I make the longest post’s ever. I can’t stop typing, thinking, talking, babbling. On and on… motor mouth and odd pondering.

Even my coordination gets a bit off, I go over board with pondering. It’s an effect all right. But I still do it. I still drink 4-5 cups of coffee in a morning. My head feels sort of fuzzy and buzzy and sorry to say, but I sort of like it. I’ve been trying to cut down and I make sure to switch to tea by noon. But that first three cups in the morning are my favorite.

Me too but if i didn’t drink it I’d nap and I can’t nap too much to do. I was going to post something similar, you must read my mind I see my doctor tomorrow and going to ask about my meds making me so tired. Have a good day. I confess what I do is drink two cups in the morning and save the old coffee for later on ice in the after noon with a caramel or hazelnut added to the iced. I am addicted to caffeine too I guess. There’s worse vices though, yes?

We recently figured out that coffee was upsetting my stomach. So, I drink half caf and none after supper. I’m developing a taste for green tea to substitute.

I never got into drinking tea. Everyone in my family loves the stuff. I do like the occasional drink of store bought lemon tea. The kind of cheap stuff that tastes sort of like a chemical, the stuff my family hates.

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I drink about a small pot of coffee a day. As far as Green tea is concerned, I am allergic to it

I run on caffeine. My meds have me sedated in the mornings, so I need coffee to prevent napping in the afternoons. For example, yesterday I ate lunch, then went to sleep. Lifting buddy woke me up with a text saying “Im here” and then I drank a preworkout drink, which is basically a stimulant blend made specifically for weightlifting, we got in the car and I worked my ass off in the gym. I was tired after the workout again.

I am addicted to caffeine, but that’s ok because if I wasnt, I wouldnt be able to drive a car, I am that sedated when I wake up. First thing in the morning is a strong cup of black coffee, and I dont event think about doing anything else until I have finished drinking it.

It’s the (successfully) medicated lifestyle- I deal with side effects. Big whoop.

Run out of hearts… :heart: (like)

I’m addicted to caffeine too. Funnily enough, when I was in the mental hospital, I didn’t drink any coffee, but I did drink Coke Zero. But coffee helps me wake up in the morning. Without it, I fear I’d just go back to bed, which is exactly what I did in the mental hospital.

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well a lot of us are om heavy duty sedatives no wonder we need a pick me up i have a coffee mug with coffee FIRST then your annoying ■■■■■■■■ written on it.
takes me a long time to properly wake up after seroquel.

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I live for caffeine. I drink a lot of diet sodas and some sweet tea sometimes. It wakes me in the morning and helps me get through the day when all I feel like doing is sleeping.

Laughter is good therapy. It brightens the mood and can alleviate suffering. I support you and thank you.

I quit coffee a long time ago because the addictive behavior bothered me. I drink Iced tea with lemon + equal, so I get my vitamin C and brain poison in each glass. Drinking the iced tea doesn’t bother me. When I don’t get the caffeine by mid after noon I get a strange sort of depression.

My clinical nurse always warns me about my caffeine consumption, but i stopped telling him the truth about how much coffee i drink.

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I’ve had 2 cups of coffee a day for the last 30 years, the only interruption was in the mental hospital where they refused to serve it. After the first day I got a throbbing headache, by the second day in so much pain my blood pressure shot sky high.

I find it funny that I wakes me in the morning, but I can drink it all day long, and even minutes before bed, and relaxes me enough to not bother my sleep at all.

I do love coffee but on a 7 week holiday I was able to wean myself off of it. Now I have only decaf.

i find no harm in coffee, i drink a pot of it every morning, i do be flying after it.