Would you be fine without coffee?

Since the med manufacturing company has changed, i am back drinking coffee, thats the only way of eliminating drowsiness.

I drink a lot of coffee everyday

My meds make me very drowsy too. I have to have coffee in the morning. At least 2 cups. And then I go for a walk to wake me up fully.

Have you talked to your pharmacy about changing manufacturers? I did that when my meds changed manufacturers. They were sympathetic and helped me out, and now special order my meds for me.



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Would I be fine without coffee?
If I had to, but I wouldn’t like it.

Not so much since I started having my evening meds a few hours early but before that I wasn’t awake even at midday (I was physically awake just not mentally and coul easily return to be to sleep) I’d have two big cups of strong tea and a small cup of coffee which would sort me out but only a little really.

I’d be lost without my tea though coffee I can live without, but without tea I feel awful and get caffeine withdrawal headaches I started drinking it in hospital and have been drinking it ever since, on bad days I’ll go through cup after cup not really sure why other than the comfort of having a warm drink I also rely on the fact that a cup of tea will make everything better, even though I know it’s not logical I do actually feel better sometimes…

I’m rambling again, take care!

I’d love to say I’d be fine with out coffee… but I can’t say it. I drink a lot of coffee. My sis smashed up my big coffee pot and replaced it with a small one as a way to help me limit my intake. But now I just make three batches… two cups at a time.

That’s with breakfast.

Same here Csummersx. I wouldn’t like not having coffee. But I could live without it. I could not live without Coke Cola though.

I like the idea of tea, but it makes my mouth extremely dry so I stick to coffee. I used to drink 8 or 10 cups a day but I’ve cut back to 4. I have 2 when I get up and 2 around 8PM. I wouldn’t like to live without those 4 cups.

I dont know which manufacture to get from. The one that wasnt causing drowsiness is 2mg. But now i lowered to 1.75 (1mg + 0.75 in tree tablet of 0.25). I think the 0.25 are causing the drowsiness. I tried 2 manufacture one is worst than the other.

No way, I need the stim in the mornings and sometimes during the day. I’ve cut WAAAY back on my coffee intake, i used to be a living coffee pot. No wonder i have high blood pressure now.

I quit smoking a few years ago so there’s no way I’m letting go of caffeine.

no! if your not shaking your not drinking enough coffee!
i have a cup and it says coffee FIRST, then your annoying ■■■■■■■■!.

I went 20 years without coffee, so I know I’d be OK without it. I’ve started drinking a cup a day again and I enjoy it. Iced tea with lemon + sweetner would be harder to leave off.

I need coffee I think but I try to drink little though…for me if without caffeine I am very sleepy

I just woke up and made some coffee. I like to wake up with coffee. I do not drink coffee during the day or in the evening.

I’m a tea kind of person. Coffee messes me up in all kinds of ways. So I’d be fine.

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