Trying Seroquel for the first time tonight

I’ve really had severe anxiety and was abusing a lot of alcohol for weeks to get to sleep, which was making my mental health worse. Finally I decided I would try Seroquel, clean it up, and hopefully get a good night’s sleep. That would make a big difference quickly!

I’m trying not to be scared. It’s only for at night. Being on two antipsychotics can yield a lot of side effects.

I have nowhere pressing to go tomorrow morning if I’m drowsy.

I have to get myself off the Ativan, but right now the stress and anxiety is way out of hand. Need a drama break now. I hope to get knocked on my @$$ tonight, I’ve had nothing but lousy sleep on booze and waking up. I hope I sleep through the night for a change, and not because I’m knocked out on booze! Gotta get clean, for my physical and mental health.


I love Seroquel for sleep and anxiety, it is my favorite thing…

I’ve been on seroquel for years. It’s the only thing that really keeps my voices down. Yes I have my bad days where they seep through (like today) but I wouldn’t be as functioning as I am. Other drugs left me in a daze, or did nothing, or they made me sleep 24 hours a day. True I still sleep a lot now, but I think a lot of that is because I don’t have much reason’s not to sleep, and it’s more of a personal choice than because of actual drowsiness. I’m not perfect, but I’m better when on my anti-psychotic pills than off them.

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I’m on my third night of Seroquel. I’m already on Resperidone. I don’t notice any effect so far. The list of possible side-effects the pharmacy gave me is two pages long. I will just try to be aware of my condition and nip any problems in the bud. I’ve only tried maybe ten different medications over a period of 34 years. The only ones that agreed with me are prolixen and resperidone. The rest gave me tics, light-headeness, HEAVY headeness, and loss of motivation, and agitation. I got off of them quickly. No harm, no foul.

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Not getting much from Seroquel, but that’s on the initiation dose for titration. I am getting cardiovascular side effects warned about by combining the two antipsychotics. I’ll go back for advice I guess. I probably need a higher dose than the 50 mg.

Good luck with the Seroquel. It’s not really great for sleep long term because your body gets used to it and it won’t knock you out anymore unless you raise the dose. I’m weening off of it because of how it effects your sugar, weight and metabolism. I gained a lot of weight on it. I’ve had bad experiences with the sedation where it made me psychotic. If this happens you just have to ride it out and it will wear off. Hopefully though your doc will go slow. Hope you get some sleep. :sunny:

Seroquel is awesome for sleep and anxiety. I take that and paliperidone together and don’t have any problems.

@SunGirl thank you for sharing. I didn’t know that it would stop knocking you out after a while. I usually don’t have problems sleeping, but ever little bit of information is valuable!

@Poser do NOT worry about it not knocking you out tonight. I usually don’t get tired right after taking meds, it takes a while for me, so took my seroquel around 8 and was planning to go lie down in a couple hours. Woof. I think it was about ten minutes in I felt like I was hit in the head with a sledge hammer. (Don’t worry. I didn’t feel that when I was laying down. Just when I was up and trying to do stuff).

All of the doctors I have ever gone to have always talked about the side effects in the same way. My current pdoc told me to take the seroquel right before bed because it would make me sleepy. We had different ideas of what getting sleepy or drowsy means. It seems when they talk about it the slight things (like maybe constipation or sweatyness) sound as severe as the stuff that gets bad (like maybe dry mouth or causing seroquel grade drowsyness). I sometimes wish they would say something like "ok, I know the other stuff caused drowsyness throughout the day, but this snap’s for real. You have 10 minutes to lay down if you want to sleep in your bed instead on on your couch.

Nope no snap. Up at 2 AM CST can’t sleep though can feel the difference. I took 2 mg of Ativan to try to get back to sleep. Just trying to pass the time online here tonight. Not strong enough have to seek advice from psychiatrist if this does not improve, lack of sleep is killing me. I’m all stressed out about a urine test where I have to take the second urine of the day 2 hours after I get up and it can’t be too diluted. This is for a critical lab test. That is what is keeping me up. I hope I nap early this morning.

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for me seroquel 1200mg dose didnt work, i am now on
20 mg zyprexa.

i also have anxiety problems, and i was medicated with tranxene.
which really helped me.

I have 300 mg Quetiapine (Seroquel). It usually makes me sleepy in 30 minutes.

Maybe you have some sort of other medical condition that is making it hard for you to sleep?

I can’t think of what it would be, but I am definitely no doctor.