Anyone that Seroquel worked for you, and you found another AP that also worked?


Has anyone taken Seroquel and it worked for them, but you found another AP that also worked?

I’ve tried: Abilify, Risperdol, and Latuda and they didn’t work for me. Only Seroquel has worked. Problem is it makes me sleep so much, I’m very dehydrated even drinking tons of water, and now I’m having constipation that I have to take medication for.

I’m willing to try another AP this summer and my pdoc is fine with it, just wondering if there is another one out there that has worked for you if Seroquel also worked, thanks.


Seroquel works for me, Abilify made me worse, and Zyprexa works for me. But Zyprexa is even more sedating for me than Seroquel is.

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Has seroquel had any affect on anxiety for you? I just got put on it for severe GAD and I’m hoping it works so I don’t have to be dependent on benzos.

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Yes it definitely has an anti-anxiety effect. The medicine works really well for me, I’m just tired of the side effects.

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I’m on 400 x 2 Seroquel and 80 x 2 Geodon. This combination has kept me stable for well over a decade. At first, I didn’t think the Seroquel was doing anything to me, but I didn’t get it for a few days and I was more agitated than I cared to be. Some people, myself included, like Geodon a lot.

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Oh wow I’m on seroquel and geodon too. Hope I can get a decade of stability too. cheers

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I think Vraylar compares for symptom management, without the sedation.

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Noted. Thank you

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I think so? I’ve not really had much anxiety that wasn’t related to drug abuse, though, so I’m not sure.

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I took Risperdal Consta injections and that worked for me but not completely. So, my pdoc added Geodon. And that helped considerably but did not do the whole job. So, he added Seroquel on top of the other two. And that did the trick.

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Seroquel worked for me but now I’m on Latuda and Clozaril and doing well.

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Are you taking seroquel or the extended release? Xr worked for me quite long while I was just bipolar.
On xr doctor recommended me to take it around 6pm.

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I’ve been taking Seroquel XR 700mg for about 4 years

I take it at 7pm every night.


Weekends I slept till noon and weekdays till 10am but that was even with 300mg. Sometimes when I had motivation I could wake up at 8 am.

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I’d set coffee ready for the maker in the evening and just try to wake up earlier for couple cups till you don’t feel like going back to bed.
Other option could be a thermos bottle by bed that stays warm till morning.

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I can cut it down to about 8-10 hours of sleep if I have to. If I absolutely have to wake up for an appointment, but it’s brutal and yeah I just have to get the caffeine in me. I still feel like a zombie for 3 hours. I think I’m going to try a different one this summer, worse case scenario, like every time I’ve switched, I can just go back to seroquel.

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Amisulpride was the only other one that worked for me, I don’t know where you live, but it’s not available in the USA

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I rely on Seroquel at night for sleep and when the injections not cutting it. Lifesaver for me. Been on a few but the only other drug im really suited to is Olanzapine. I actually found the weight gain useful as my diet is terrible. But im suited to my meds now - sometimes i just need a little top up now and again.

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