Trying again to be happy

I feel beaten down and out sometimes.

I feel like my life is not under good control, such as people able to harass me etc and make my life miserable.

but I am trying to be happy. to do things I enjoy, to relax and not just do chores and errands and work etc.

but God knows… I am still depressed. don’t want to start on meds for depression though. trying to fight it by changing my way of thinking.

hugs to you friends, judy


You might be feeling down right now, but you’re definetely not out :sunny:

thanks so much everhopeful.

when I remember I am going to get more professional help I feel happy almost.


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Hey Judy !!

IIRC you had cancer?

Hows it going with that?

I hope you well :slight_smile:

I am a little depressed too. I got a flat tire when I rode my bicycle yesterday. I had a flat tire also a couple of weeks ago. I am considering if I should buy a new bicycle, although I like my current bicycle. Maybe I just get this tire fixed as I did a couple of weeks ago.

Everyone feels like what you’re describing, like our life isn’t in control. But we don’t allow the fear of the future to dictate how we feel now.


yes wallafish I had cancer. thank god I am a survivor.

hopefully it’ll stay away forever.

sz by the way is much much harder to deal with for me than cancer. I wish to have neither one.

hugs, judy


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