Trust No One

What do you think?
I was checking celebrity tattoos and Lana Del Rey has trust no one tattooed on her lower hand where I have an arrow tattooo. I wanna get more tattoos but not text.

What do you think about this line?

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I think that it doesn’t work even as a rule.
Some people are trustworthy while others are not.
People are different.


I find it sad. To have so little faith in humanity that one feels it is the safest to broadcast it to the world like that, through tattooing, to avoid human interaction would make me very sad for the person. I have no idea who Lana Del Rey is, but I feel sorry for her :frowning:

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as I grow older, every day it is proven to me how ugly humans are really. Everyday, more and more, the more people I meet and the more I socialize. I agree, it is not cool to trust anybody/some and it is one of the best ways to be successful in life. It is so so rare to meet someone who wishes you well in life unless you are already doing something for them.

Including me, sometimes I get irritated by other people. Human + another human = chaos. Human + a dog = love Human + a cat = love and it goes on.

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It’s a bit negative ? What does it mean to her I’m not sure ? I want to get something to represent dad. Like glasses or something. Or maybe dad in Braille.


I disagree. I think we see what we focus on. If we focus on the negative traits/actions of others, then that’s what we experience the most because it becomes what the subconciously search for.
If we focus on the positives, we’ll start seeing the positive things more and more.


I believe the statement,

But definitely would not tattoo it on my person.

I’ve thought about putting a secret morse code message around my lower arm,

Haven’t done it yet, still may.

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I am not sure either. She also has a few celebrity names tattooed on her including Amy Winehouse. :slight_smile:

Me personally i would like to get something about my family, not sure what. Maybe nothing. But I have one infinity + love for something I went through in life. + an arrow with a semicolon for my struggles + I have a heart where I am supposed to wear my wedding ring :smirk: and I also got one on my collarbone, it is a fragile drawn daisy :smiley: I love it!!

and I wanna get a lot more.

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My friend got her freckles connected in this weird kind of constellation.

Its cool, but she is super into space stuff.

I also feel like those kinds of tattoos came in and out of trend as of recent.

One thing you don’t want is a trendy tattoo…

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The next tattoos i will get is

an anatomical heart for sure (I am deciding on location and also putting something inside.

35 PM

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yeah for sure. I worry about my infinity love one sometimes but I am almost 30 so I do not have much time left.

Huh? Not much time left for what?
Unless you want to break an olympic record, life is only just beginning at 30 !!

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To me, it has been the other way around. I’ve realized that all humans, despite their different shortcomings, are fundamentally good. I think even psychopaths are fundamentally good. They are just flawed in a way that makes them act in evil ways. It is the same with all humans. We all try to make the world better, but sometimes we mistake what is better for what isn’t.


Trust but verify. That works.


Ronald Reagan talking about Mikhail Gorbachev. Good quote.

I still don’t quite trust people, but I have to admit I trust my mother, my best friend, and forum (for the most part–looking at you anonymous internet visitor who is reading this and may or may not be a plant. just kidding).

I prefer to trust no one at first–then slowly put them through a trust-test to see what comes out the other side. My best friend who I met a couple years ago passed with flying colors! I told her I was a mental patient but she was drunk and forgot–so i told her again. She doesn’t seem to judge me now that she knows me better. It is hard to trust

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I have a hard time trusting people.

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I agree with it this wold is filled with allot of shitty people.

Everybody wants something.

Only trust family.

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I am not sure about this but good luck!

Why should I trust your line? :grinning: