What's your feeling on tattoos?

just wondering, i’m thinking of getting another tattoo this one with the American flag, irish flag and a shamrock in the middle. my mom isn’t happy about it. she said if God wanted you to have tattoos you would have been born with it.

You were also born without clothes but we still wear them :ghost:


Here’s my only thought, (because I have been poor my whole adult life and could never afford a tattoo) plus, I am the consummate buzz-kill: tattoos are expensive, and that money can be spent on something else or saved. Having said that, if you can get it cheap then go ahead.
That would be my only concern; cost. Who cares what anyone else thinks aesthetically? I’ve seen some silly tattoos, but many I’ve seen are beautiful. Either way, it was that person’s choice, not mine. I like the sound of the one you want. :us::four_leaf_clover::ireland::grin:


I like my tattoos but I would not get another one.
6 of them is enough for me.


I would be covered from head to toe…but sadly I’m not from the somain islands…or rich…

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u wanted my honest opinion…i think theyre tacky obnoxious

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I regret both of mine. And I thought long and hard about both of them before getting them.

I cover both of them up now. I never buy clothes that would reveal either. I’m seriously considering laser tattoo removal. I’d rather be a cleanskin now.

I enjoy looking at tattoos and hearing the story behind them of my brothers , nephews and niece…they are heavily tattooed…

I personally never got a tattoo because I was always fearful that after I got it and ever became delusional again I bet I would try to remove it myself. not good…so I don’t get one.

I find them to be reminders of things I deal with…like nightmares when asleep and hallucinations while awake…thus I have two tattoos so far. I plan on getting my left upper arm done with my suffix if I make it through the first semester of grad school still kicking. I have plans for that…that’s gonna be a deal with myself to live up to one of my ancestors who was a surgeon, I am in school for a doctorate in clinical psychology…the thing is, I would never let a schizophrenic perform a surgery, so I had to do either therapy or psychiatry, and I was advised equally to do both by people who I trusted, but then for my own health on the line, I was advised clinical psyc by my psychiatrist. My psychologist advised it too. That summer was a very crucial time…I worked as hard either way it could have gone, one just expressed a rare talent while most type A students can smoke chemistry classes…I was busy lifting insanely heavy weights in the lightest weight class…learning about how to take control of a shitty illness by brute force and insane willpower.

Oddly enough I never wanted tattoos back then. I saw them only really for extremely permanent life events, and my life was still taking shape.

Now I am a machine that does things. Now I am a person who reliably and predictably experiences the same things and also does the same things. But gotta do one semester of big-time school as well as I can before etching that life in my skin. I may have done perfectly well in undergrad, but I never underestimate what I sign up for.

and every soldier/warrior career person should have tattoos, especially lifers in the military.

I consider surviving our illness as tough as making the cut in special forces. The odds are equally impossible to make it out on the other side better and stronger than you were before the torment. Well I done made it through the worst of my life. No one will ever take that from me…it’s under my skin.

And I was a fighter…who got kicked out of Krav Maga gyms in my hometown for scaring people…Krav Maga is deadly, by the way, it’s a lethal weaponization of a human, not a sport at all. Well, at the higher levels it is like that. I learned that my body is legally a weapon in France, and that Krav Maga is illegal there when I asked a friend there about visiting. I still stay in shape.

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Probably pain if I ever get one. I hear those needles hurt.

they hurt really good. Like a nice masochism delight. Just the right amount of pain, especially the three-needle gun for filling in large spots.


thank you for being honest, I appreciate it.

@mortimermouse I got one once but it was a small one. it was just my partner’s name.

Imma start a tattoo pictures thread

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I don’t like tattoos personally. My sister has 5 tattoos, and I don’t judge her for it, I like to ask her about them and she has some interesting stories. My mom is strictly against them and didn’t approve of my sister getting them. According to my religion it is not permissible, but anyway, I am not personally fond of them anyway. But I like tattoo stories lol! :smile:

Almost got one twice. Always a girl involved. I’m so lead a stray by a pretty face :smirk:

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Tattoos are great! :slight_smile:

One problem I have with tattoos is that you might be in a relationship, and the girl wants you to tattoo her her name visibly on some conspicuous place on your body. If you don’t want to do it, she might think you’re planning to break up, or that you don’t value her. Then, if you do break up, you’re stuck with that tattoo out where everyone can see it. It’s easier if you can just say, “I don’t like tattoos.”

I grew up in the 80s in Edinburgh. There was a huge HIV/hepatitis problem then and warnings were all over the media. As a result I am slightly worried about catching something from a tattoo.

I appreciate there are many safeguards against this now but it is still a worry.

Many I don’t like or appreciate.I guess you can see them as sheer ornaments, or as reminders that have meaning for one, perhaps a combination as well. Thing is, I rarely find them aesthetically pleasing. So it will have to come down to meaning for me to like them. I can’t relate to people placing tattoos that are shallow or superficial. Idk, butterflies, hearts, so on, (chinese signs when you don’t have any relation to china…) Yes a butterfly goes through a transformation so I get that that may have some symbolic meaning. Idk, but I’d rather have a more personal way of expressing that on one’s body, than probably the first thing anyone thinks of when asked to look for a symbol of transformation.

I did see a girl that had an amazing sleeve, just flowery stuff, looked very well done. Only time I ever saw one that I liked as an ornament only.

Love it! The big and coloured ones look great but also a little ones on the right spot…
The more the better… On another person though. :slight_smile: I had a little star but I removed it.
I would like a Cheshire cat or a smoking caterpillar …in another life maybe.