True or false

Is there a drug out there, possibly one that resembles lsd, that can cause psychosis or a long term psychotic disorder?

True and false. Many folks with sz had their first onset after taking drugs. Drugs were the trigger, but when they faded away, the people were still left with sz. It doesn’t make the illness their fault. If it wasn’t triggered by drugs, it might still have been triggered by something else.


So this may sound paranoid but in my case, a couple months before my first break, this shady guy(gfs next door neighbor) offered me some LSD. Like a dumb ass I took it. Well it wasn’t real but a couple months later I went crazy. Could he have given me something that he knew would make me go crazy ?
I replay this scenario over and over in my head a lot. What if I hadn’t taken that from him etc…

If the drug was going to trigger it, its way more likely it would have happened that night. I’ve never heard of a drug that does nothing for two months, then turns you crazy.

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Ok you’re right @ninjastar the whole thing is a blur of drugs and then trauma. But no the psychosis didn’t occur until a couple months later. I just can’t get it out of my mind that if I hadn’t taken those drugs and ended up in trouble afterwards, I may not have developed this illness. Plus the guy that gave them too me didn’t exactly have my best interest at heart. But what’s the use. This was 15 years ago and I still wonder and blame myself to this day.

It doesn’t help to blame yourself. Nobody should add unnecessary things to their list of reasons to hate themselves. Lots of people do drugs with no problem, and lots of people do drugs and end up crazy. You are probably genetically predisposed towards sz, and you might have developed it regardless. I never touched a drug in my life and I still ended up crazy.

Don’t focus on why you have the disease. Just focus on getting better. Did you talk to your doctor about neurofeedback yet?


This has been going on for years. I remember, possibly before this site was even in existence, sitting at my computer trying to figure out what that guy gave me that could screw me up so badly. It didn’t help that the doctors couldn’t really nail me down as having sz or just drug damage as one doctor called it. I’ve never spoken about it. So ur helps to hear someone else’s point of view.
No I haven’t talked to my doctor yet. Tomorrow I have an appointment. Will bring it up then. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Was under the impression they use LSD in research as the closest they can to recreating schizophrenia.

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Most things being passed as LSD on the STREETS are really in actuality research chemicals, most commonly nBOME, which are very very harmful to your health, both mentally and physically.

Although, acid is on the rise and on the darknet it’s easy to find real acid, on the streets they often pass off drugs as LSD when they are not in fact.

Marijuana can cause psychosis. Amohetamine psychosis can be very similar to schizophrenia. They use ketamine to model cognitive impairment in laboratory conditions. Even high dose caffeine causes psychosis.

LSD mimics serotonin, not dopamine however our second gen antipsychotics effect serotonin a lot more so serotonin may have some role in psychosis. Dopamine is the key neurotransmitter, adhd medications increase dopamine and lead to psychosis at high doses.

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Caffeine!? Shut up

People say that drugs induce the disorder physically, but I think that the drugs simply facilitate the process of conditioning to start believing that we are telepathic in someway in any form, and there are many forms of telepathy that sz people assume they are.

It’s like this. If I could some how get you used to when you move parts of our body, a machine moves certain ways, eventually your brain would be conditioned to believe that is how it works.

Well, in fact that is how your arms and legs work. It’s conditioned in you since you are young. The same with speaking, and if you play instruments, play sports, play games, or drive/operate cars or machines well, it’s learned and conditioned.

You can see the effects of conditioning when you see the difference between how different ball players play or how different accents and dialects sound.

Well, in the case of sz you started believe that what you are thinking, feeling, remembering, doing, and sensing with your five senses is not your own genius brain. You conditioned yourself to believe that those things are from and controlled by other entities. The type of entities depends on the form of mental theater you conditioned yourself with, and they vary from one sz person to the next.

The drugs helped that conditioning.

You see a lot of people use substances to help to learn how to speak and socialize really really well. They use it to induce social thoughts, one liners, epic stories, and so many other aspects of a social event with people.

What we did was went further because we’re too dann smart for our own good, and we went all the way to the extreme: telepathic social events.

You don’t have to use drugs to do it, but many did.

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Delayed onset psychosis after taking certain drugs is not uncommon. Amphetamine/Ice Psychosis can occur months and months after use cessation. Some Doctors are of the opinion that cannabis use can result in psychosis even years after cessation (though I’m skeptical of that assertion).

LSD and other psychedelics can result in temporary ego death, which in itself can trigger psychosis too. Set and setting plays a large role too. The first time I experienced ego death I understood what was occuring subconsciously and took solace in my knowledge of its transient nature. If you were unprepared, god knows how your mind would process it.

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I had the same feeling after having had a high intake one time of methanphetamine a few months later I had signs of schizophrenia. These drugs are also called entheogens which cause people to hear see and feel spiritual experiences so there you go drugs for you.

Damn, great explanation. I’m buying that, and it’s the first I’ve heard of it. I hadn’t break 3 months after quitting cocaine. Only thing is, it’s s chronic condition so how would you explain that?

Psychosis is a complex and often misunderstood phenomenon. Sometimes only in hindsight do we realise just how long we were psychotic. The severity and its impact on normality varies. My father has been in a mild (he self censors to facilitate continuation of his delusions without intervention) psychosis for 2-3 years by my count. He is completely unaware/in denial still. Insight can help lead one back to normality, but often medical/pharmacological intervention is necessary, depending on the individual. As others have stated, it is also possible that your psychosis is not exclusively drug related, but the drug induced onset of previously dormant SZ etc.

could you describe in more detail what “ego death” feels like to experience?
also how does one overcome it?

The experience varies wildly from person to person and also from one trip to another. It could be described as the complete loss of sense of individuality/self as a separate entity from the rest of the universe. In some cases your perception is no longer from your senses (you don’t see nor hear what is in front of you as though beheld, but rather simply experience everything with equal personal dissociation).

Someone tripping might simply appear to be in a trance, staring at nothing … it is as though one loses all preconceptions about any and everything and as one returns to reality, one has to relearn everything about their physical world - well at least if you were to trip quite heavily as I have before. As you may see it’s not that easy to describe :confused:

Oh and to overcome it … time. It is transient. One of the ways I managed to cope with ego death was to remind myself that it is only transient. For a while you forget who you are and just about everything else too, which could quite easily spark panic attacks or a mental breakdown in an unprepared individual.

My first trip was extremely frightening and I thought I was lost forever. The second time I went in with a mantra that served to remind myself that it is only fleeting and normality is only time away.

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Ego death is something impossible. Although I’ve came close on two occasions. Your ego will never die, although it’s a term used in the psychonaut community, if you’re well educated you know that it’s impossible to fully kill your ego. “Ego death” theoretically is when you take 8 tabs of acid and you have no sense of self. It is not scary unless your trip is distrusted by an outside force. It is peaceful. All boundaries melt and you feel one with everything. It can be a very enlightening experience. More powerful than reading the bible 10 times. Although If you have luck like me people will break into your house during ego death and duck with your mind and threaten you with knives and trash your house, making your sz really bad. Then when the drug wears off your ego comes back. You gotta know that ego death is not a natural reaction to society. When I was coming down from aforementioned trip my friend called me on the phone and said “DUDE, YOUR EGO”. I am a master of the ego so much that I realize you need an ego to survive. Therefore I just react naturally now. But I went through the chaos of fighting my ego. there will be an interim period where all boundaries will melt and you will not know who you are if you try to fight your ego too quickly. But if you are daring you will come back on the other side a better person. You won’t be a saint or a monk but you will be able to react rationally to the world. -self proclaimed psychonaut

I can talk about this for YEARS though, because I thought about the ego for YEARS. Feel free to ask more questions, I like the subject