Do you think Acid causes schizophrenia

I experimented with acid in my 20s. How many have you have done psychodelics? It probably didnt help me avoid getting schizophrenia. Sometimes i wonder if it caused it. I was never quite the same after doing it


I don’t think it does— but it defos won’t help if you’re predisposed in some way to getting SZ.

There are reports of some people who get “acid flashbacks” and some who are never quite the same after using acid, but pretty sure those are separate conditions from the SZ spectrum.

Ultimately, SZ is generally believed to be an “organic” medical condition that may be spurred on by abnormal development of the brain and further compounded by the use of illicit substances and/or medications/etc.

Plenty of people out there have used psychedelic-type substances with no development of SZ.

LSD definitely didn’t help lol. I remember thinking my friend was the devil while i was on it. Wish i had never touched the stuff….


I did Mdma. I don’t know if it is a psychedelic.

Perhaps stimulant. No idea.

A month later, the delusions started.

I seem to be one of those who is predisposed to psychosis from drugs. Etc.

I did do a lottt of MDMA that night. What an idiot I was.


Most of my friends I dropped acid with back in the day didn’t develop SZ.


Robert downey Jr did tons of drugs. And hes very mentally healthy and massively successful as an actor.

I dont think drugs cause it. I think it just speeds up what was already going to happen.

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Similar thing happened to me. Instead of a normal high like my friends I was high for like 30 hours. Was lucky i didnt have a heart attack actually as about 30 hours later my heart rate was resting at 168bpm.
Then i was delusional and depressed for a couple weeks then several months later I started getting some hallucinations.

The doctor that checked my heart rate and stuff at the hospital sat down with me and told me to not head down this drug path. Im thankful for his talk that day.


Yea… I absolutely appreciate this kind of wise talk that switches on a light bulb in me. I’m glad u had that opportunity

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I think weed caused or accelerated my sz.

It did not help me and was a bad decision. It was more peer and fear of missing out brought by my ex wife and her sister doing shrooms. So I micro dosed a couple of times. Knowing I was mentally ill and severe mental illness in my genetics. Those first two times were wonderful not really psychedelic more body and good vibes. Then when it was just my ex wife and I, I tried the starter dose. And that blew my mind open. Talked telepathically with my ex wife, saw Lucifer and talked to him. Then it got dark and I thought I was in purgatory cause I had killed my ex wife and myself. Then the trip ended. Or so I thought. Continued talking with Lucifer, seeing things and homicidal ideation. Was in and out of the hospital four or five times in the following months. And many crisis 24 hour holds. I’m on good meds but still get signs from Lucifer. And deal with homicidal ideation when stressed out. Screw drugs man.

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This can happen to people too. Kind of a perma trip.

I questioned whether I might have a bit of that as well.
Cuz object shrink and grow sometimes or walls bend and stuff or the floor drops out. Just odd perceptions.

It didn´t help, but it was one of the things I couldn´t pass to experiment with. All my psychotic episodes while medicated have been because of recreational drugs.

Was it worth it the first time? I guess so. I have sometimes big cravings because I enjoyed the experience a lot. Where I live you can buy truffles, LSA, mescaline, salvia divinorum and a ton of things I haven´t tried and I probably cannot try due to the effect of abilify.

Compared to some of my peers I did small amount of street drugs but I got sz and they didn’t. What didn’t help me is I was at uni and I went down that rabbit hole a bit. When I got a full time proper job the stress of that and giving up smoking (normal cigarettes) pushed me off over the edge. I have it in my family.

I dont have any history of schizophrenia in my family but i did smoke a ton of pot. I think the combination of pot and other drugs really finalized my brain being messed up

I was worried I caused my psychosis because of acid use in high school…i tripped probably a hundred times…my pdoc I trust told me" look at the dead heads…none ever got schizophrenia, you can exascerbate or speed up when you get sz because of acid use and pot…but you were always going to get schizophrenia no mattter what. I am the only one in my family that has sz too.

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Just like everybody said. I believe I was born with a propensity to get schizophrenia and several bad trips on acid and plenty of marijuana triggered it when I was 19.

I have the same thing, as well as a field of static that covers what I see.


I had the static for years but it went away. Whenever i looked at the sky it was like a billion light bugs

I used to smoke weed almost everyday and did magic mushrooms a couple of times, my first full blown episode started after a bad mushroom trip.

I’ve done pretty much every drug under the sun including lsd. Things got really bad for me a couple years ago when I under went ketamine fusions for depression.