Trouble falling and staying asleep

Does anyone else have trouble sleeping? How have you treated it? I haven’t slept but 1 night in the last 2 weeks. Every other night it’s been 2-3 hours. I’m seeing my Dr on Monday but I like to come in with ideas for treatment so I’m involved in the process.

I don’t sleep at all without zopiclone. It’s getting less effective though.

Thanks for the tip.

I have insomnia that can’t be cured by any sleep aid so far. What helps me is to try and be as active as possible during the day. This isn’t always easy, especially when I’ve had a rough week of sleep, but wearing myself out seems to be the only thing that can quiet my brain. I generally manage one night of sleep every four nights with this strategy. It’s just enough to keep me functional and out of the hospital. I do wish I could sleep consistently.

Benedryl helps if you don’t take it often. I take Lunesta. Highly recommend.