Trippy Hallucinations-Musings

Ok so as I’ve mentioned before, the hallucinations I see are weird. I have NEVER done any kind of recreational drug, but whenever I describe them people think I have.

Last night for example I was allowing myself to “trip out” on my hallucinations. I was sitting in the bath and then the bright pink lights started up. Swirling and shrinking in patterns. Occasionally the tile in the shower would ripple. I could see a faint green glow coming off of my skin as well.

These are observations I have made about my hallucinations

I largely control when I see them and when I don’t. They most commonly pop up when I am zoning out or “in my own head” so to speak. It’s a very strange phenomenon in my opinion. If I start thinking to myself or getting vivid mental images or just focus on that “other world” of mine, the lights start to appear and the outside world gets funky, swelling, melting, rippling. Sometimes the lights engulf it completely and parts of the world disappear.

Then as soon as I switch my attention back to my surroundings BAM lights gone, everything static and completely back to normal.

During the regular course of the day I am largely focused on my surroundings, so I don’t see those strange things as intensely. Though if I’m speaking to a person I’ll see their glow slowly appear, as well as the glow of their clothing and the glow of objects around them, it just sort of appears.

Different colored objects give off different colored glows. A white object always glows blue, for example. When I had a white wall, I could stare at it until it became engulfed in that bright blue glow. Red objects give off a green glow. Yellow objects give off a dark blue glow. Black objects give off a white-ish/clear glow. The list goes on.

People however do not have static glow colors. So far what I’ve noticed is the glow of a person changes, it’s also a lot harder to see than the lights that come off of objects. I have noticed that happy people glow pink. And when someone is teaching they glow a dark blue-purple color. (Hopefully my teachers in hs didn’t notice me zone-out staring at them, haha) People glows I have to consciously work to see though, and I look weird when I’m trying to see my hallucinations so I can’t do it that often.

Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? My only other hallucinations are with closed eyes, such as when I close my eyes and see grotesque faces or figures lit up in the afterimage of my room, or sometimes I will see scenes of places, people or strange creatures. Sometimes I close my eyes and I can still see in front of me! Though that doesn’t happen as often. Once I saw three of our neighbors standing on our doorstep in one of my “visions” as I call them. A minute later the doorbell rang and those three neighbors I saw walked in! Weird.

Long story short, the world gets really trippy for me when I’m not paying attention to it. Wave-particle duality theorem dictates that when watched, matter behaves as a solid particle, but when not watched behaves as a fluid wave. I could certainly believe this after what I’ve experienced!

It is interesting that you have those. I am glad that you aren’t having scary hallucinations right now.

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When I’m sitting and starting to sink into my own head, things will amp up. My theory is… the short circuit’s in my head are most likely there all the time…

But when I’m in the bath or just letting myself sink into my head… it draws attention to it and makes it feel more intense. Then when I have to focus on the world outside my head… then it fades again.

When I first wake up in the morning, I see the walls and floor ripple a lot. It takes a bit for me to sort of become completely awake… it’s like my body wakes up a little ahead of my brain.

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Ohhh interesting. Thanks for clarifying that!

It’s always relieving when something I experience is normal, hahaha.

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