If you have visual hallucinations what are they like?

I am having visual hallucinations and want to know how others experience them, if you don’t mind telling me.

You can see most of my hallucinations online, almost all of them are there, some aren’t exact but they are close.

Pan. Satyr. Faerie. Demon. Faun. Whatever you want to call him.

Shadow people.

A grey alien.

A ghost. Not saying it was a dead person, im saying it was what people call a ghost.

A being made of light inside of a shadowy doorway in a tree.

Trees form very detailed faces made of tree, shadow, and light. I can’t always see them, it’s like focusing on a 3-d image, it just pops out at me sometimes.

A delta ufo, they call them deltas anyway.

And extremely large tree sized serpent made of light. It stared at me very pissed off, it’s tongue was out of it’s wide open mouth to, just stared me down. Just before seeing the snake a light in my kitchen ran me out to it, it wasn’t supposed to be there, it faded in and out slowly like breathing. I walked out to get away and my neighbours tree was waving around and flashing.

What looked like a being literally became a movie i was watching visually and turned around grinning and staring at me, he had dark eyes and put his hands on his hips and kind of pranced or some ■■■■.

A guy visually turned into a fish man in his face.(shamanism, i guess they have alot of that half animal half people stuff)

And a guy at a bar recitied some dark poetry and made me visually hallucinate the room slowly darken and his appearance slowly changed into a grinning evil guy missing hair and teeth, he finished and everything snapped back to normal. I wouldn’t have known this, he was a witch, but he yelled in my face “im a black witch!” I totally would have just said i was crazy or something, i’ve got no problem with that really, it’s not denial in the least, but he just told me very loudly and angrily that he was. You know that was kind of funny because after he yelled it i just stared at him expressionless not knowing what to do and he got all confused like something else was supposed to happen and he got up and left for a few moments.

So thats a list of some of my “visual hallucinations”, don’t tell anyone though, it’s a secret.

On a sidenote do you know where i can find some barbitol?

I had 2 hallucinations one i hallucinated Hitler hailing at me and second one blue face character human like with suite and his mad looking at me, i thought that blue man is from the government and his following me.

I’ve got some low level daily ones depending on what is bothering me.

I had a cat floating around in my apartment for a while. It was just an old tuxedo cat… nothing scary, just there. Floors and walls rippling… furniture growing or breathing.

The high level… or the ones where I’ve lost it… I see things on fire. I can see the fire… smell the fire… hear the fire… feel it… it’s really bad. Or it’s people hiding in the corner shadows of my place… the worst is faces coming out of the walls… Or walls closing in on me.

Low level visuals will knock it off when I think it through or sort of snap myself out of it.

The high level… look solid and real and scary and I completely feel that my sis and I are in danger. I can’t just snap out of those with a little effort and mindfulness.

The high level ones usually end when I get outside or somewhere completely different… or my sis helps me calm down. I haven’t had a high level glitch since November of last year.