Trip to colorado!

at the end of this month, 6 day trip including the driving out west and back. we will spend 2 nights in a ski town, but im not going to ski, just going to relax in the lodge and maybe do some snowshoeing with dad. he’s not skiing either. there will be 6 of us, my sister’s husband couldn’t come because of work.

i have a pdoc appointment on the 18th but im not going to mention i was suicidal in february. as i don’t want to be hospitalized and miss the trip. im feeling better now, that its warming up and we are experiencing sun. i think in the future i need an anti depressent just for the winter time, as im pretty sure i have seasonal affective disorder.

anyways, colorado is turning into my new tennessee, i go there once or twice a year now that my sister lives there. i used to go all over the country on buses, but now i stay in the midwest mostly or if i go a little farther it is south to tennessee and florida, and west to arizona and colorado. of all those places i like colorado the best, denver would be perfect for me, as it gets 300 days of sunshine a year. and the air is dryer so it’s a little more bearable heat in the summer.

last time i was in denver they were doing construction all around the city, so it was looking like a bit of dump with a mess everywhere, but usually it is one of my favorite cities, close to the mountains.


i think we leave the 27th very early in the morning.

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