Colorado is gorgeous

My lord, is this not sweet land you did lay before us.

I am in love with this place.

Leaving tomorrow, and I’m likely going to cry about it later.


And for the millionth time it’s crossed my mind… Let me see that girl again.

At least, for my own sake, her beauty is now rivaled.


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Yeah colorado is nice I couldn’t breathe in the mountains though

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Yeah I got that dry eye disease within the first day… It burned. But the second night here and things have regulated.

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the first time i landed i landed in denver, colorado

really a gorgeous place

sweet weather

really enjoyed staying there for 2-3 months

wish i could visit it again

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I hate Colorado. :joy:

When my partner and I were living in our car and trying to get to Oregon we drove through Colorado. We left Texas that morning and by evening we were in the mountains of Colorado and the elevation change really ■■■■■■ me up and I had to go to the ER because my blood pressure was so low I could barely sit up long enough to drink some water. Get out of the hospital and an hour or two later we had a tie rod end break and we were stranded in ski county for a week and a half while it was being fixed. Finally get it back and 2 hours after we were on our way we hit a deer. So we were stranded again for 2 weeks before insurance finally totaled it and we could get a rental and get out of there.

I will never got back.


yeah i love colorado also, would totally move out there if i had the money. the elevation doesn’t bother me unless im drinking wine or something. my sister lives in denver, so i probably visit twice a year some years.


never been there in my life =(

That sounds entirely misfortunate. I’m sorry you got stranded.

Yeah the climate is quite a bit different. It’s super sunny… Like prepare to be blinded every day at 6 am.

Still I prefer this much to the swampy humidity of my home.

Basically haven’t dropped a bead of sweat this whole time.

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Yeah I’ve been saving money for a while to make the transition… I will still be stuck saving for a while longer yet.

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My first psychosis actually started on a plane from NYC to Denver. Attended a conference there and was totally psychotic.

I love it here! Never been here long enough to want to leave. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your stay. I think everyone should experience Colorado at least once. It’s lovely af.


you live in Colorado, @fractaled ?

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Yes! I made the move a couple of years ago. The best decision I ever made.


oh very nice =)

where did you move from?

are you american or did you immigrate?

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I moved from Texas, where I was born and raised. I hated it my entire life, always wanted to escape. My father’s family is from here, and the happiest memories I had were visiting them as a kid. Colorado is a special place.


I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks in Estes Park and Boulder Colorado when I was a teen.
Beautiful place!
The Rocky Mountains are truly a magical place.


sounds like a good decision to move there then =)
i would like to go visit it some day but it’s unlikely as traveling isn’t possible anymore… but i would like to visit for sure.

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Had I stayed in Texas when I started hearing voices, I could have never done it, and would have been stuck there. I feel very fortunate to have been able to before psychosis.

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ah yea that is nice =D
Lucky timing huh…
Do you live alone?

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