Passed up my chance to take a vacation


they’re going to steamboat springs Colorado in march to go skiing for 4 days. I had the chance to go but decided I would stay. what’s the point in suffering all winter only to leave when spring arrives? plus I have garden prep to do.

maybe I will regret but I don’t think so, I don’t like heights and skiing. mostly it’s the lift up the mountain that makes me nervous.

my nephew is a really good skier, he does tricks and works at the local ski slope when he is not playing ball. im proud of him, he’s so responsible for a 14 year old, he’s going too.



I’m really looking forward to a sun holiday. My voices are on holiday at the minute so I said I’ll go away too if they stay gone, not until June though

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glad to hear your having some relief from voices. anyplace in particular?



I was thinking maybe Portugal or someplace in Spain, just for a week get some proper sun and have some cocktails. I’d like to see Chicago too but might be a bit too pricey I’d be happy to just have the sun for a week

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I’m in dire need of a vacation. Itll be a while before I get to go anywhere though.

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You should have another think about going, I’d love to go skiing in Colorado. No point if you won’t enjoy it though. It sucks how unpredictable this illness is as wel, can’t really make concrete plans

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