Triggering t.v in waiting room....!

so i went to my therapist appointment, and i am sitting in this dingy waiting room.
it has a t.v in there and it is playing a movie about two parents who have had their memories wiped, and who’s kids have been kidnapped by aliens, and they have the CIA after them.
…i was very relaxed by the time i went in for the actual appiontment !..naturally i checked the room for cameras…and asked to see her I.D !
but on a serious note i think the therapy is actually helping me.
take care


You shouldn’t watch SF movie.

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That would do it for me… bye bye lucid town. I am so glad I don’t have a T.V. any more.

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they shouldn’t be playing movies like that while you are there, i think i would complain about that tbh.

i’d just say i’d like to make a complaint, where can i make a complaint and then tell whoever is in charge what is wrong, its the only way we can change things, if someone went in there symptomatic god knows what they could do, i think i’d probably rip that tv off the wall or try and turn it off or something.


I wouldn’t do that, but my kid sister has.

She stood on a table to try and turn off the T.V. when it was deeply bothering me… and the T.V. came off the bracket. She didn’t drop it, but she did unplug it and tell the nurse it was upsetting me.

It got fixed but after that they would just turn it off for me when I came in.


hahaha thats funny,

when i was in the mental hospital and my mum was visiting she couldn’t hear me and so i had to try and turn the tv down while people were actually watching the tv, they wouldn’t give me the remote so i tried it manually and i think i broke the tv haha, luckily i was able to talk to my mum after that so it was all good, apart from the people who were frantically trying to get the tv to work again haha :s

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at my pdoc’s office they only play the food channel or the home network…like home repair…selling
homes etc.

both make me jealous but aren’t triggering… the food network makes me hungry…

hugs to all

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I can only watch stuff like that. This Old House, America’s test kitchen, stuff like that.

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unplug it… no point being crazy if you cant have a little fun (a beautiful mind)

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