Does the tv talk to you?

Does the tv talk to you? In any way shape or form?

Don’t own one. Got rid of it ages ago. Can’t take it. To much flash flash flash… loud, soft, loud and the buzz when it’s not on is yuck.

I read a lot, and sometimes my voices read out loud over my shoulder.


It’s been pretty hard for me to read since my diagnosis, I always see a grandiose backstory!

It used to. When I believed it did.

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My voices stopped caring what I believe a long time ago lol

When I was deep in psychosis, I believed that the TV and the radio and the internet were sending me secret messages. But I don’t believe that anymore. I still don’t like much TV or radio.

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no not talking yet interaction.
i used too believe that, that i had contact with the person on the television.
that when “usually she” smiled it was because i did moved in a slight odd way, or i was just looking silly.
i dont know, but her subtleties i interpreted it as an interaction.

luckily i now dont have this anymore with the tv, yet i do however have it with some events
in video games, and music video`s/lyrics. but in a different way, more a one way of communication


dude i know exactly what your talking about! do you have a kik

I’ve never had the tv talk to me but I have had serious issues with believing that certain things were vitally important, hidden special meaning for me, omens and such. I’d attach special significance to songs and shows. Meds have cleared that up, but when I listen to old songs, songs that I had obsessed over while ill, it puts me in a bad place.


Sometimes and I don’t like it because it means my good, attentive mind is gone and that hurts.


that is precisely the reason i don’t watch tv or music videos anymore as i know that some of them were meant to trigger episodes of psychosis in me. no tv, no music, no psychosis…simple. not all of them had that effect though, just a few contained hypnotic triggers so now i don’t watch anything just in case. good post.


It used to when I smoked marijuana. I felt like it knew what my mind was thinking and it was talking to me telepathically. It’s stopped since I stopped smoking but I can see where it’s coming from.


So your telling me if I stop smoking, it might stop as well?

You could try and see what happens. It happened to when of my friend’s too at least he said it did when I asked him. I can still see the telepathy angle since it first happened to me but not like when I smoked.

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I went without TV for over 15 years, didn’t have one or just never turned it on.
In 2012, I got a new mate and had to learn how to work the TV & remote. I was in awe at how technology changed TV and just stared at shows saying "ohhhh, wow…made my new mate laugh and tell me it’s just like someone free after years of prison. For a while with no TV I believed the few movies made were mocking me. Still holds true to this day.

While in psychosis i was watching a movie, i ended up at my grandparents for the night, before this is when i saw “pan”.

I was up all night and a movie came on.

Two guys were walking and talking to eachother and all of a sudden one of them slowly turned around and began to grin and stare at me, he put his hands on his hips and began to walk a strange way also.

It was kind of like the classroom scene on emily rose. The guy was paying no attention to me and then just turned around and started to stare, grin, and do a strange walk. It also wasn’t like the actual guy but more animatory, or like over-lapping my vision with something.

I know it was a hallucination though, but at the same time think that it was “them” causing it.


My Partner was convinced TV shows were based on his life and he how he created certain TV shows. He also said he created Oprah and Maury was his idea. The “people” who “questioned” him as a child “took” his ideas and were now making them into TV shows.

I played along to keep him calm.

That delusion sucks!

I feel people on live tv can see me and read my thoughts. Every time I watch the news someone is calling me a name because of my intrusive thinking. It makes me not want to watch tv at all.

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Want to discuss what might cause this?