Treating schizophrenia with Valium?

Hi everyone, I wanted to tell you about an experience I had with a psychiatrist.

I was taking clonazepam to cover my psychotic breaks and it worked fine. One day I decided to tell my doctor. I thought that the psychiatrist was going to challenge me, but it was not like that. He told me that he had patients who were treated with valium.

What I don’t understand is why you can’t find anything about the link between benzodiazepines and psychosis on the internet. I refer to the treatment of psychosis with benzodiazepines but without antipsychotics.

I searched all over the internet, including google scholar, and found nothing.


That’s like treating depression with Vicodin.

It’s not really helping,

It’s just making you feel better for a few hours.

And it makes you highly dependent.

I take klonopin for anxiety.

Not schizophrenia.


Because clinically it doesn’t work. Antipsychotics do. I’d be curious of the diagnosis because for most people who have sz it’s not an option. It’s an adjunct treatment for other things like anxiety.

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I used to be on a lot of Vicodin. Don’t recall it helping positive symptoms, I just wasn’t arsed about them if I have enough V on board. It was wonderful for negative symptoms, I’ll give it that. I probably still had them, but was too stoned to notice or care. LOL.


Apt analogy

That’s why I have stopped taking my PRN Diazepam, as it was getting abusive

Took 9 months a few years ago to lower it from 30mg a day to 4mg.

The last few mg’s are the hardest to get rid of

Pregabalin is supposed to be more ‘acceptable’ and a ‘better’ option… Yea, no it is not


Hardvard med school professor Chris Palmer who spent 27 years educating and reaserching psychiatric illnesses recently confessed that Bipolar and Shizophrenia are infact “same”. Problem is when people start objectifying the label rather than looking at situation and patients symptoms individually and what could be done to eleviate them. Diferent methods can work for diferent people as ilness itself can sometimes deviate from DSM.

Good thing that we have bold psychiatrists who aren’t afraid to challenge the “authority”.


My psychiatrist also told me that if a person with schizophrenia is not in a psychotic state, they continue to lose “cognitive” ability.

That is to say that although the person is not sprouted, his mind continues to wear out.

Is this true?

Sorry if there is something that is not understood I am using google translator xD

Um. I don’t have mania. Like, ever.

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You mean quacks that made wild claims on how diet can cure mental health disorders?

And I cannot find any evidence this man said the disorders were the same. Only that he called bipolar and sz close cousins. Can you provide a source?


My pdoc said i could take valium temporarily to slow down a big mania. But nothing more than a few days worth.

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Yeah my mom just told me last night my brain is cuz i dont drink filtered water lol. I love my mom but she likes to tell me its cuz my diet and if i did xyz yada yada miracles still happen.

I ate super ultra healthy for long periods of time in years past and didnt do anything of note for me.

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Better quack then most of us combined. Can’t build economy on selling meat and olive oil can we.

Absolutes doesn’t exist, too. People who got curred their mental ilness by fixing what goes into building blocks can attest their success, and so as the others who didn’t got cured. But lack of trying is a death sentence that’s for sure.

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Look, diet CAN make people feel better which in turn affects mental health.

A better diet can improve nutrient levels in those that have a deficency. The only way to k ow if there is a deficency is to have blood work done.

But real sz and sza cannot be cured by diet as of current scientific research. If that cuanges, then I’ll be very happy to change my opinion.

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All I can think of is that antipsychotics are known as “Major Tranquilizers”

Benzodiazepines (Valium, Klonopin, etc…) are known as “Minor Tranquilizers”

I have no information to back this up but perhaps your psychosis isn’t as severe as others and the minor tranquilzing effect of a benzo is enough to help you. Benzos affect GABA which is the nervous systems natural inhibitory neurotransmitter. It may be inhibiting you just enough to help.

I’m on both a Major and Minor Tranquilizer. Lurasidone (for schizophrenia)and clonazepam (for sleep).

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Bipolar disorder and schizophrenia run on a spectrum
Yes some doctors don’t make a distinction between the two disorders

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As Doctor Palmer emphhasizes, even the smallest percentage of people who are being left out can benefit from his treatment. Most of Palmer’s patients icluding severe and threatment resistant shizophrenics with decades of long symtoms went into full remision on ketogenic way of eating. As he described it himself.

Hate him or not he gets the results. Only if your deliberate pill pushers could start facilitating importance of eating real food so that it could start adequetly supplying brain and body with building and repair blocks, maybe more and more sucess stories could emerge.

It also goes without saying that threatment comes as a package of attending therapy, moving and doing fitness. All that being said, I don’t worhsip the guy. I just think what he did was quire remarkable. And if more psychaitrist could volunteer maybe we could start shifting conversation from this die hard pills only, theory.

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All of the people I know who tried to drop meds in favour of a ketogenic diet relapsed. Every single one including me. Apparently it does really help in combination with meds, but can’t replace them.

Got any legit peer reviewed research to point to or just this one nutter you’ve scrounged up?


During my first hospitalisation there was this bipolar guy. In the past he had spent 2 weeks in a coma due to NMS stemming from APs

During his bipolar flare ups he had relentless voices which tormented him

The docs were terrified to give him any APs so he was on like 8mg lorazepam a day.

Didn’t help him in the slightest. He always ended up in IPCU

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For me, not benzos, but some anti anxiety meds kind of calms me (like they should) and also voices sometimes.

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I tried this because I thought it would work in the past. It caused me to have intense hypnogogic hallucinations on top of worsened my mood. I was only on it for a brief time, but it could have made things worse.

I was really hopeful I could get off Abilify. I think if I were to change anything I would either add something mild for anxiety or a muscle relaxer, lithium or something else like Magnesium or Gaba supplements.

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