I have transcended schizophrenia

as more time goes being stable i cant relate to delusions, my last episode was before 2017 and after going through that i havent heard a voice since, i went through benzo withdrawal for a while from late 2019 and since ive finally healed from that i dont have many symptoms. i still lack energy and motivation from meds but that ia not really what you think of when u think of schizophrenia


What dose of benzo were you on? :koala::koala::koala:

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0.5 mg clonazepam prn, usually a few days a week some weeks daily. it was messed up how bad it was to stop even the lowest dose of clonazepam


I too had a really tough time getting off 0.5mg clonazepam.


I never had a hard time quitting Clonazepam. Of course I didn’t take it everyday. I miss it. Calm.


I take 1.5mg a day. I hope it doesn’t happen to me. :lizard::lizard::lizard:


if you ever want to stop it without suffering look into the ashton manual, it is a method of micro tapering that reduces the dose by a tiny percent at a time to slowly wean off of it over the course of a few months and sometimes up to a year


I dont think of myself as being schizophrenia or having eternal schizophrenia as much that I accept it as a minor flaw that I will have to be aware to be on guard …like constantly walking on egg shells. Its not that bad though I am still quirky and eccentric that didnt come from schizophrenia.

The book “Healing Schizoaffective” by Joshua Alexander just arrived on my doorstep. I am going to read it and I hope it gives me some hope. I will have to take it with a grain of salt, although being more open-minded and accepting of the treatment has been a part of why I am doing so well. Maybe its possible.


Thanks for the tip. :shark::shark::shark:

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It would be inaccurate to say I have transcended SZ. It’s more like I stand behind it making obnoxious noises until it screams in frustration and leaves the room for a while.



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I’ll entertain thoughts that are a bit ‘out there’ at times , but they’re not held with solid conviction. There’s mild paranoia and there’s functional hallucinations. I can’t say the latter bothers me much. Dsm/ICD symptoms wise, from 5 =heavy duty symptoms to 0= no symptoms ,I’m at 1-1.5 level approximately.

Daily functioning is more of a problem . I have the typical autistic , though not applicable to all autistic people , adaptive functioning< intelligence thing going on. My lifestyle could be described as basic and rather routine. That reduces the stress level,stress being my equivalent of Superman’s kryptonite.


Good @cigarino it’s good to hear you’re doing well

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