Benzodiazepines and Schizophrenia

Do benzodiazepines (xanax, Valium, etc) help with symptoms of schizophrenia (hallucinations, etc)??

I find my delusions and anxiety go hand in hand so for me benzos help the overall picture. But a lot of doctors won’t prescribe them long term. Depends. I think @chew knows about benzos and sz.


Benzodiazepines can help tone down the Anxiety that sometimes accompanies Schizophrenia/SZA
This in turn will help soften the Hallucinations and Delusions, because Anxiety can aggravate SZ Symptoms like Hallucinations and Delusions.


I think they dampen the effects, but only when they’re not that bad to begin with. But they’re hard to get anymore. They’re even harder to get for more than a month or two.

Why do you ask?

@Wave @Jimbob that’s interesting. Plus my doctor has prescribed me long term. I’ve been taking xanax and Valium for over a year. But I do notice that when I don’t take my benzos I start hallucinating just a tad bit more than usual


Schizophrenics like to self medicate and benzos are addictive yes they stop my voices but I’m high when I stop taking them the voices return so unless I want to be a benzo addict I shouldn’t take them.
So I turn to my doctor and say what’s wrong with being a benzo addict and he says you need more and more to get the same effect.

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Yeah I know how benzos are addictive. I’m pretty tolerant to them now so I try not to take it as often. But like I said when I’m not taking it my symptoms increase by a little bit, nothing too bad


benzos are addictive i suffer frm schizophrenia and anxiety i am on risperdal and clonazepam 0.5 mg .I knw its addictive but if i dnt take clonazepam the panic symptoms worsen so i m stable on 0.5mg been taking it from the past 1 and half year tried stopping it but felt more anxious it also helps for sz symptoms.

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i’ve been on benzos for about a year and a half and they work pretty good for lessening the anxiety that sometimes accompanies schizoaffective or schizophrenia . my doctor says most of his benzo patients he likes to see once a month but since i m doing so well on them and don’t take them everyday he sees me every two months.

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Ya. Helped get rid of my tactiles at night that were brought on by high anxiety.

I take Klonopin everyday plus have a PRN of it. When I’m anxious and the demon is amped up and he’s making my anxiety worse the PRN actually calms him down. It’s hard to recognize he’s not real and is a part of me, but I still get confused as to why a demonic entity would be effected by a medication I take. The Klonopin does work with my sz. :sunny:


Yup same. I became kind of delusional more than anxious when I stopped taking my kpins back in July I think?? I dunno why I still sometimes desire to stop benzos. I don’t abuse them. They really have no bad side-affects. Only good. I only need like .5 and occasionally 1.0 (which is what I’m prescribed). I realized a while ago I can’t get high off benzos. 1.75 does nothing and 2.0 puts me to sleep. Whether it’s Xanax or klonopin.

I was on benzos for about a year (Cloneazapam 0.5mg/day) and it messed with my already poor concentration and memory. It took me ages to taper off it, but my concentration and memory improved once I was off it. I came off it with the cooperation of my doctor.

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Benzos make me hungry for some reason!?!?! Only if I take them on an empty stomach they make me hungry. Like right now I’m friggin hungry as heck. Eating everything in the kitchen still hungry.

Actually they affect memory in the short term and long term use they cause Alzheimer’s. I’m willing to take the risk though because I can’t function without them. :sunny:

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Well if you google alzheimers and benzos (which I admittedly haven’t done in a couple months) you will find an article from circa 2012-2013 that says they “can cause alzheimers” and then an article from circa 2014-2015 saying “they actually probably don’t cause alzheimers”…unless you take like 5 mg a day is what my pdoc said. he said there’s not a risk at .5-1.0 mg a day. But then, I think they’ll have a cure for alzheimers by the time I’m old enough to get it. My grandfather did have dementia so there’s a risk for me so I should be careful. But I’ve heard great prospectus for an actual CURE, that could be implemented on people in the early stages of alzheimers. and actually reverse the disease. I have a great memory as it is right now though.

@SunGirl maybe I’m wrong about the 2 articles thing. But I do believe they’ll find a cure in soon time!

Here’s one conflicting article

I never did the research. It was something my pdoc told me. My neurologist is concerned with me taking it because of how it affects cognition. That would be great if they found a cure for Alzheimer’s. My uncle passed away from an early form of it. It’s actually different from dementia. There are many different types of dementia. I pray if I make it to old age I develop a memory illness. I’m terrified of the process of dying so it would be great to no longer be aware. Kind of morbid to think like that I know. :sunny:

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Weird! I had absolutely no side effects from benzos. I loved Ativan :’( But I just gained tolerance too quickly. Could have easily spiraled down the road to addiction.