Trazodone question

Anyone see faces or other places when taking trazodone? Hallucination yes, but ice seen people chilling on a couch and they will react. It was actually cool and not nerve racking

In the Hospital I’ve seen this one guy Trip (Hallucinate) while on Trazodone.

Seroquel made me Hallucinate.
Never tried Trazodone.

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I take 150mg of trazodone and have never hallucinated on it to my knowledge. But that is just my experience with it.

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Ummm that sounds more like a sz symptom than something trazodone would cause. I never got that when I was on it.

One of my friends who took a sleeping medicine said that if she tried to stay awake instead of going to sleep after she took it she would start hearing voices. But she also has a psychotic disorder.

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