Trazodone for sleep in the UK


Does anyone know if a GP in the UK will prescribe Trazodone for insomnia.
I am on Chlorpromazine and Paroxetine for my mental illness which I want to stay on, but I would like to sleep better at night,.
I have always had a poor sleep/wake cycle.


I’ve always had a poor sleep cycle also, and Trazodone didn’t help me at all. The drug does nothing to me. I know that 50 mg will put some people into a deep sleep for twenty hours, but it doesn’t make me sleepy at all.


I want to try trazodone…!!!


Have you tried seroquel for your insomnia?


I was prescribed it but I believe it was my pdoc who initially prescribed it before my GP took over.


I don’t think that I will be seeing a pdoc again as I am no longer psychotic, I am hoping to get something from a gp, I have been prescribed Zopliclone in the past, but I am only given 7 tablets at a time as they don’t want me to become dependent on them.
I have got some Fluvoxamine tablets, they make me sleep well but they make me tired during the day, I have also tried Temazepam but they were no more effective than melatonin, and nytol don’t help.


I took 200 mg of trazodone a night for sleep, and it worked well for me for a couple of years until I went through a bipolar episode that really messed up my sleep schedule. Now I’m on diazepam and Rozerem because my pdoc wanted to try something different (Rozerem alone didn’t work, and Ambien made me waaaay too fuzzy-headed the next day). I have no complaints about trazodone though.


You sound like myself. I have had trouble with sleep since childhood. I tried trazodone for about two years. Taking 150 mg a night. They seem to help at first but after time stopped working. I stopped taking them. I did not try higher doses. I take Tylenol pm every night, seems to help me. Sorry what I wrote could not help.


Tylenol PM does nothing for me. Benadryl- all that OTC stuff- nothing.