Experiences with Trazodone


My psych is switching me to Trazodone for sleep. I’m hoping it will give me some good rest!

Does anyone have any experience taking it for sleep? If so, what mg do you take?




I just started taking it for sleep. I take 100mg and it works. The only thing is it takes 6hrs to kick in. I probably have a slow metabolism so it will probably be different for you. I like it. I don’t wake up feeling groggy. Although I haven’t had it since Wednesday because my prescriber’s office sucks so for the last week I haven’t been sleeping well. I’m on 800mg of Seroquel which you would think would put me to sleep but my body got used to it. I hope that doesn’t happen with the Trazodone.


Thanks for your response. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from it in terms of sleep. I guess I’ll just have to take it super early to get to sleep at a normal hour.

I’m also taking 800 mg of Seroquel. It used to help me sleep, but I built up a tolerance to it. So I needed something else to help.

Hopefully the Trazodone gets me some sleep. I hope you get good rest too!




Thank you. I hope you get good sleep as well. I used to take 1200mg of Seroquel but they cut it back. For the past few months I’ve had insomnia and totally messed up my sleep schedule. I tried taking an extra Seroquel but it didn’t put me to sleep just made me feel horrible. I was disassociated and numb and had a hard time speaking or even thinking. I don’t know how I handled that dose before. Good luck to you.


I had trouble sleeping when I was on Saphris so they gave me 100mg of Trazodone to help me sleep. To be honest it did absolutely nothing for me. :confused: I was disappointed. I was only on it for 6 weeks though. Is it supposed to kick in immediately or after some time?

They put me on a non-narcotic sleeping pill instead and that helped get me back into a routine where I didn’t need the sleep aid anymore.


I tried taking 50 mgs. of Trazodone to put me to sleep. It did help to put me to sleep. The problem was if I didn’t sleep and got up. I would be unsteady on my feet if I got up shortly after taking Trazodone. I figured the risk was too great.



I take 100 mg of Trazodone for sleep. I also take 50 mg of Benadryl for sleep. Sometimes they put me to sleep, but sometimes not. I also sometimes fall asleep without taking them, like I did last night, but then I woke up really early in the morning. I find it’s good for helping me to stay asleep for a while. Sometimes, when it doesn’t seem to be working, I double up on the dose. Then I’ll usually, eventually, fall asleep.


I take 300 mg of trazodone for sleep. Knocks me out cold after an hour.


i take 150 mg and i still cant sleep very well…


Thanks for the responses friends. I feel a little better about starting it now. I’m going to be on a low dose compared to you guys, so hopefully it works well.

Thanks again :slight_smile:




My son is prescribed Trazodone although doesn’t take it very often. His grandmother was prescribed it awhile back for sleep and I read that it helps with restless leg syndrome. I think my son doesn’t like to take it because it forces him to go to sleep within about 20-30 minutes and he doesn’t want that. I think it also has an anti-depressant component but I would have to look it up again to say for sure. Now his script has changed from 200 to 100 as needed. Good luck.


Hi Caroline does trazodon mess with your memory? I used to take ambien but it gives me amnesia, i want to ask my pdoc for trazodon but i worry about my memory, since sleeping pills mess with memory.


I feel that I have a pretty good memory even though I take Trazodone. I, for example, have to study for tests, and remember what I’ve studied to do well on the tests. On the last two tests that I have taken, I only got one wrong on each test, so I feel that my memory is pretty well intact.


ever since I started, I haven’t had a sleepless night.although if you’re still awake by the time the effects are kicking in, you may experience some side effects.


Just wondering if you started the Trazodone and if it is helping.


Yes, I started it last week. The first few nights were kind of restless, but once the medication reached steady state levels in my bloodstream, it started working better.

And because of its antidepressant properties, I’ve noticed my mood has improved too. All in all, it’s a great med!




I take 200mg of trazodone. Some nights it helps, some nights it doesn’t. Takes about 2 hours to start working for me. I also take ativan (1.5 mg) to help me sleep. I wake up at about 4 or 5 am. Good luck with this. I know how important sleep is. I also have fibromyalgia.


I was taking 800 mg Seroquel which usually put me right to sleep.
But I began to have nightmares. You know Seroquel can give you very vivid dreams.

100 mg Trazadone helped and I’ve been taking it since and cut back on the Seroquel.
I read it was originally an antidepressant so I can use that as a good side effect.


I first started trazodone it gave me this weeeeeird unexplainable side effect. Like a weird high. After awhile my body adjusted to it, and now it feels like a common OTC for sleep. At my worst I needed 3 to sleep. Now I take just one trazodone.


50 mg does nothing for me,100mg seems to work just fine,hope it goes well for you