Trazadone for sleep —

So I’ve been having really bad sleep problems and was taking diphenhydramine 50mg for it and it was working really good until I started getting blood in my stool and constipation which could be the side effect of the medication. I told my psychiatrist about it and she has prescribed me trazadone 50mg.

The first day I took it it knocked me out but the next day I woke up it felt as if my mind had been running a marathon the whole night and didn’t shut off all the way so the next night I upped the dose to 100mg and I woke up a couple of times during the night but today again I woke up and felt tired and sleepy the whole day and it lasted for a couple of hours after waking up. I was talking to someone and they said that I might need to lower the dose a little bit so that what I’m going to do to see if it alleviates the tiredness and sleepiness.

Anyone have any experience with this medication? Should I give it some time for my body to get used to it? Do I need to switch to a different med? Any suggestions would be helpful.

I believe @jukebox has experience with trazadone.

I used it until getting restless legs and little shocks in my legs. About a year

And it was 100 mg from the start. I never tried lower. Just slept hard and felt funky the next day at times. Now I take my meds before bed and avoid traz.

I take trazodone 50mg. I feel groggy in the morning but it wears out an hour or so

For me the grogginess, sleepiness and fatigue doesn’t wear off until a couple of hours after waking up. I woke up today took a cold shower got dressed and decided to take a little nap and felt like sh!t after waking up. I had to be at work so I was feeling super run down. I’ve read that it takes 4 to 5 days for these side effects to go away so I’m hoping it goes after a couple of days.

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I’ve been taking trazadone every night for 3 years. Went from 25mg to 50 now at 100. My pdoc actually wanted me to take 150 every night because it doubles as an antidepressant at that dose. But it was way too much meds. The grogginess lasts me all day. I actually feel weird without it. In Canada it’s a controlled substance.

Trazodone is a controlled substance in Canada?

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I have been taking Trazodone 100 mg since February. The first few months were hell. All I wanted to do was sleep and I was real groggy whenever I tried to power through it - to the point where I nodded off behind the wheel.

But it was still better than the 3 weeks I went with little to no sleep! And eventually it got better. I am still hard starting in the mornings but it wears off quickly and I feel rested most days.

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Controlled or a schedual 3 or something like that.

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Whats your diagnosis?
Usually when people have problems sleeping it may not always have to do with sleep medication.
Sometimes they need to check if their mood stabilizer is sufficient and their anti deppresant as well.
Those are both contributing factors to whether or not you sleep well.

I take 300 mg of trazadone every night…I tried lower doses but it didn’t work as well…I’m happy.

Didn’t work for me at any dose.

@Wayne1483 - My diagnosis is Schizophrenia. I not on any mood stabilizer because I don’t need it. My mood is usually stable. I was dealing with severe depression for which I take Wellbutrin 200mg. For my antipsychotic I take a monthly injection of 156mg Invega Sustenna.

I decided to lower the dose to 25mg of trazodone by cutting the pill in half and boy do I feel good today. I had a little bit of grogginess which went way rather quickly and I slept really good and I feel refreshed today. I’m glad I figured this out so now I can get my sleep in check. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and replies!!! It’s much appreciated.

trazodone knocked me out!
but i got immune to the med
therefore i needed a higher dose to put me to sleep.
i take melatonin now!
not as strong as trazodone
but because trazodone also treats depression as well.
best of luck :sunflower:

My doctor won’t let me have Trazodone because I am already taking an antidepressant Paroxetine.
When I have taken Trazodone, I needed to take 100mg to help me sleep, 50mg did nothing for me.

Just thought I’d update the topic.

So everything was going smooth and my sleep was good until the medication stopped working. I tried to up the dose to 150mg and then 200mg and it worked for a little bit and just stopped working again as well. My sleep was on and off until eventually I went to my psychiatrist as a walk in. She saw me for 5 minutes but since she had other patients she said we will discuss this on Monday.

So now I’m @$$ out and had the $h!tiest night and the rest of the day. I told my sister about it and she said that my dad has some Tamazepan.
He gave me 2 capsules 15mg to hold me off for the weekend until I get this straightened out.

So far I’ve tried L-thianine, Valerian root, melatonin, Benadryl, and trazadone with no affect. Hopefully the next medication works better than all the rest. Wish me luck guys!!!

I think Trazodone is just one of those meds you have to take a “vacation” from or it loses some of it’s effectiveness. Periodically, I take vistaril for a few days instead and then go back to the Trazodone again.

Yeah some meds you developed a tolerance to and they stop working. It’s kind of a pity that you take the depot as sometimes the tablets help sedate you. Hope you find something soon.

My body can tolerate any amount of Trazadone and it will have no effect on it. I tried to kill myself with it. I took 4,500 mg and it did nothing to me. These days I’m glad it had no effect on me.