Trashing religion

I hope your heart is in the right place and not take things too seriously.

If you really can’t give an answer why do you bring these topics up?

Funny you use google, google is more of a god than your Christian deity.

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I think it’s revenge. And J is right - such negativity doesn’t nourish. I feel it.

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Good one Malvok. Google being God I’m more comfortable with than Allah or Jesus.

We try to discourage all discussion of religion here - because its a frequent source of conflict, stress and disagreement. There are many places on the Internet that you can discuss religion - so we appreciate if you take it to those discussion areas rather than here.


There are two sides to the brain. One is factual, logical and problem solving, But the entire other side is more creative. Music and Myth, Art and architecture. I think you need to find a balance and read more selectively

I don’t think any one on here is purposely trashing religion, atheists and agnostics are allowed to an opinion as well.
I mean religion can be such a one way and in your face subject. I myself consider myself to be spiritual and agnostic.
I think it leans towards agnostic theism. I believe in a god and I dont believe. I want to believe, but as a schizophrenic I just need proof that he definitely exists, after all, when I am not well I become delusional and my sickness leads me to become hyper religious/spiritual. My therapist, in trying for me to become more social asked me if I was interested in going to church. I dont in the life of me know why she would ask me such a question. Religion is a well known trigger for those suffering from grandiose religious based type delusions.

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