Any religious delusions?

i had two which was very odd at the time as i don’t believe in god. one was that i wrote the bible in code and sent it back to certain individuals through time travel…ridiculous so didn’t last long and the other was that my son was the immaculate conception, concievedd after out of body sex…again ridiculous so didn’t last long. what about u?

More of this? Let’s all compete and see how whacked-out we are? Here we go again…

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well you cant…

alien99, u really can b a complete prick. just because people r curious about others delusions doesn’t make them bad people. u know for a christian u really r an obnoxious piece of trash.

I stand by what I said. I’m not fazed in the slightest by the insults of a demented person. Think about what you’re doing. You’re asking people to expose their delusions when they’re trying to recover. This “art” of people rehashing their delusions for your amusement ain’t healthy, neither for them nor you. I suggest you find something better to do with your time rather than having people go backwards. I know you’re not religious, so why do you care? Really? Why do you care what people’s religious delusions are? I sometimes have to wonder if you’re not just looking for stories of suffering.

then u don’t understand my motivation at all and it’s pretty arrogant of u to suppose that u do. u don’t even know me, how dare u accuse me of looking to amuse myself with stories of suffering. as pointed out to u in my last “attention seeking” thread, there was a lot of interest and we all except u had the ability to laugh at ourselves after the certain delusion had passed. the only person throwing a spanner in the works is u as u were told by at least four people last time. so kindly either shut the ■■■■ up or scroll on

You can go off on a tangent all you want, but you never confront the questions I ask you directly. Such as Why do you care? If you’re not religious as you claim, what do you care? You’re either going to look down on/judge people over their delusions, or you’re just trying to get a rise. I think you’re just looking for people to feed you their private problems.

i think there is something very wrong with u. u sound a bit paranoid. some people actually like discussing their problems as it makes them feel less alone with them. i know it does me. some people actually like the sense of unity that sharing a problem brings. as i know ur only speaking for urself and ur completely wrong yet again, i’ll explain. i didn’t understand how i could possibly have those delusions as i don’t believe in god and if it can happen to me then it can happen to anyone of us whatever our religious persuasion. it’s good to talk about something if ur comfortable with doing so to person who has been in the same position as urself as it makes u feel less alone and hopefully u form a kind of solidarity just as i did with sith and dandy the other day. u seem to b the only one who#s against talking about our experiences and in my opinion ur acting like a complete dick and u haven’t a clue what my motivation is so don’t go accusing people b4 u know the truth. i am an inclusive kind of person, not exclusive as u seem to b. it’s not just me uv done it to either is it. i received alot of support after ur last outburst so u r clearly in the minority. maybe u should take note of that and think b4 u open ur mouth next time

I’m trying to shield people who may not have the faculties to see the crap you’re pulling. I’m in the minority on a lot of things - doesn’t stop me from standing up for what I believe in. I think you’re one of the least helpful people on here because you constantly turn up the heat with one hand, and stir the pot with the other. Personally, I’m becoming more and more convinced that you’re fabricating a lot of things. In my 20 years of having schizophrenia, I’ve never met anyone who can recognize more than 20 voices. You claim to have over 200. I think you’re full of it. I don’t believe you were assaulted by an unnamed celebrity who masterminded some kind of thought control over you. In fact, the more you open your mouth, the less I believe any of what you say. In my book, you’re a complete fraud.

oh so now i’m a troll? so bcoz u haven’t met anyone with more than 30 voices they don’t exist? well u must b right then eh bcoz u know more than the psychiatrists it seems. if a voice is known because they r famous, of course ur going to recognise it. doesn’t make it any less true just bcoz u don’t like it. and if i fabricated the story of a rape then where did my scars come from then? r u calling my gp a liar aswell, who documented my scars in case of any future trial? r the police that i spoke to liars too? they left it up to me as to whether i want to persue it or not. so i’m a fraud? i think u r a jumped up little prick who has no time for people with real problems. call urself a christian? christ! i’m kinder than u and i don’t even believe. what would b the point of fabricating any of this? i think u r very paranoid about my motives and that worries me bcoz it’s not just me uv insulted on this forum. so kindly take ur insults and shove em where the sun don’t shine!

OK jayne, whatever you say. I can’t believe I waste my time on you. Oh well, I choose to do that. If this little back-and-forth you and I are having helps only one person see the light, my job is done. I’m just trying to show people what you’re doing - and it ain’t healthy.

well i think solidarity is healthy. that’s what people come here for. support and understanding, to discuss their beliefs. u don’t seem to want anyone to do that.

i think we should all be supportive of each other.
if we do not like a post or a thread leave it be, i do all the time !
it is an individual right as we hopefully all live in free countries where our rights are respected.
it is okay to say what we feel or think , but be respectful of the other person.
we all to a certain extent have strong beliefs , but it is not for us to bully others for their belief.
i personally have found talking and reading about others experiences enlightening and healing, and i do not feel so alone, because of it.
i find jaynebeals posts helpful but that is my opinion.
i find others not so helpful but i don’t then make a comment, i think that is being polite.
i am hopefuly respectful of other people, although i have a warped sense of humour.
if we attack each other then it changes the energy of the site.
i appreciate that my sz language is understood here, and accepted .
please be respectful of each other…
take care


All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing…

Recovery is a battle. Fight or die.

I had ONE when I was 11. I know I’ve told this story before. Sorry if it’s boring. But God said unto me

“Kid, I am really busy with war and famine and epidemic so I can’t really help you out. But I can send someone down with in the year. But your going to have to raise her and then she will save you.”

My kid sis was born that year and well, she did save me. But after that God and I haven’t spoken at all.

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Yeah Yeah we know…If you talk to God is an OK thing.

But if you claim that God has spoken to you, and you are clearly not a religious nutcase, then you are classified scientifically as a kind of super extended wacky crazy delusional extreme nutcase, instead.

How kind of them to do be so precise.