Trans issue

did you ever wonder why Bruce Jenner has to be a girly girl,

instead of an intelligent, current feminist?

it’s all myth and stereotype all over again.

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He had to do something drastic to stay on the show…his approval ratings were low to start hes boring…so bam sex change now we all talk about it…yes i said it…not to down the lbgt community…i say it because it was a grab at ratings and nothing more…


I cannot believe lesbians and feminists, women in combat,

or a CEO of her own company is going for this.
Yeah, I’m tired of her/him too.

The movement is flawed they should watch who they choose to back…i have no problem with equality and treating people like people despite whatever…but if you think your rights over rule anyone elses eat dicks…were all in this together theres no room for a bunch of i deserve more because blah blah blah crap its us and only us…

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it’s also genetic, not sure we should be messing around with our blueprint,

except in the case of CF, like my daughter, gene therapy.

I am a 100% ally for the LGBTQ community.
Bruce Jenner changed his gender for attention.


Yea i got no problem with this group but they shouldnt back attention seekers…if you only do it for the fame gtfo…this goes for everything i hate musicians that only do it for the attention…if your hearts not it in move out the way for someone who cares…

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I was asked while admitting into rehab how I want to identify myself by race and sex.

that was kind of nice, nobody has ever asked me that before.

I said, White Female.

You can hate on Caitlyn Jenner all you want for being vapid, self-involved, and a traitor to her own community. But please don’t call her “he.” She is a dumb reality TV star, but she is still a girl, whether you like it or not.


yes I 100% agree!!!

I dont like labels…i side with the dhali lama so…you are all my brothers and sisters…my children and teachers…i love you all despite the labels you place on one another and yourselves…plus my label is ■■■■■■ up…sz german italian spanish Filipino veeking native american and male lol. …the viking genes are stout i was born with blue eyesblonde hair and moon kissed skin despite the quarter filipino-spanish and the quarter native american…

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As far as trans issues goes around the media these days. …yeah I’m all for gender neutral toilets …I so need them. :relaxed:


Omg I’m gonna be such a perv and go in all the ladies bathrooms when they pass this TEHEHEHE I’m gonna be the biggest perv ever!!!



She’s a strange dude that’s for sure :joy:


But with unisex toilets your going to have to get used to piss stained toilet seats :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and the smell! On the plus it’s a little less suspicious if you enter a toilet with your partner :wink:

Also it makes toilet training easier, for kids!

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I’m far too proud of my motherhood to identify as a male, not sure it’s my decision anyway.

She still has male physiology, male DNA, and male genitalia. Any person with male genitalia wandering into a washroom that my daughter is in will get their sex reassignment surgery gratis. I’m aware this makes me a mean poopyhead. I don’t care.


" Jenner cross dressed for many years and took hormone replacement therapy but stopped after her romance with Kris Kardashian in the early 1990s became more serious" Wiki

I think this if try makes it a longer term commitment rather than TV rating issue?

Im going to go with made up back story…kind of like batmans origins lol …