Transgender on TV

I love watching Caitlyn Jenner and Jazz on TV. I think it is interesting to learn about their struggles and I admire them for being so honest and visible.

What do you think of Caitlyn Jenners show and All That Jazz? Do you think Caitlyn just wants attention? Do you think she is brave? Have you learned anything from these shows?

I must say that Caitlyn Jenner ( not she as a person but her presence) annoys me a lot.
She cannot represent all transexuals or their struggles in the therms of social acceptance and stigma because she has been privileged from the start - and still is. Her class& social background and her media treatment does not reflect a reality of queer existence.

I could only believe that her example to some extent speaks up about subjective journey to identity and transitions those people experience.


I agree with you and you said it well. I don’t find her annoying but she has been very privileged and trans people generally have to face a lot of discrimination. I don’t think she fully understands this, but there are other trans people on her show who do.


Yeah I didn’t actually watch the show, I just read about her like every couple of days.

Caitlyn Jenner is helping bridge the gap of that generation. In today’s generation, we’re already bridging those gaps extremely well. Transgender acceptance is higher than ever, and I think that has to do with a lot of preteen & teen transgender male-to-females coming out and standing bravely.

There are many teenagers that are doing the footwork for future generations. Caitlyn Jenner is sort of just in a lucky position to be alive during a time when there is that much acceptance being pushed in media. That’s why she could come out in 2015, but not 2005 - fear of backlash. There are enough safety nets now b/c of what today’s youth are doing so that people can safely transition.


I think she is just trying to do the best she can with what she has. She recognizes that her status makes it easier for her to be open with her life, and she is using that freedom to help other transgender teenagers. The more transgender people are shown in the media, the more the world will accept it as normal.

When I worked in a special needs school, one of the girls was transgender. It was not the dilemma most schools make it out to be. She wore a wig in school, we called her by her chosen name, and she used the girl’s bathroom. I seriously don’t understand why it is such an issue in most schools. Literally none of the other kids cared. It might be that because of HIPPA laws, none of the parents knew someone with a ■■■■■ was using the girl’s bathroom. It might be because kids with special needs are more accepting in general. They see a broader spectrum of differences in their classes every day.


I think Caitlin Jenner is a cross dresser not a transgender. Sometimes I see elite soldiers in the newspapers starting to go drag, claiming to be transgender. You better believe it, there is no way a transgender person is going to become an elite soldier. I think there exist a small number of people who has a perhaps pathological fetish of cross dressing, who are NOT trans. I dont think they should be confused with each other.

Cross dressers still identify as their born gender. That is the difference. Caitlyn Jenner identifies as female. And technically, the armed forces still list being transgender as a mental illness warranting discharge, but many commanding officers stand up for their transgender soldiers and let them stay and serve. Elite soldiers can be transgender, depending on how reasonable their commanding officer is.


It’s interesting… while living with my mom I ended up watching the show centered around his wife and all that… I mean the guys character was very fatherly… would have never guessed how he was feeling inside…

It was the biggest irony to me because… I was kind of trying to find my way back to sanity and my old self… so I was evaluating people as role models…(I don’t mean to insinuate than trans is insane or anything like that). Anyways he was a very accomplished and well to do person and didn’t have any of the dramatic tendencies that those shows are known for…

So after they guy stood out as being respectable to me and almost a role model type man… he changed himself into a woman… LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL…

You never know what people are going through.

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I think calling trangender people insane in the army or elsewhere is seriously insulting. :grimacing:

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I agree. Hopefully one day soon they will change that officially.

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