An apology to our transgender members

I shared a couple of South Park videos that have rubbed some members the wrong way, I apolagize.

I thought the videos were funny and harmless but I was obviously wrong. I can see why it offended some members, especially our transgender members. I’m sorry.

I can still enjoy watching South Park but at the same time realize its not everyones cup of tea. I respect that.

I’m not perfect and made a mistake. I will learn from this and become a better person. In my heart I dont have anything against transgender people. Its their life and their body. They can do what they want. I respect that.

Thanks for reading


I didnt see the link tou shared, but im a huge fan of south park and im transgender. Its definitely not a show for everyone and i understand why. Theyre offensive on purpose, and it can be annoying lol, but they really dont discriminate in who they offend, so ive never felt targeted


Well said Grookey!

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I do believe it is dangerous to look at clips like that because it takes things out of context. You gotta watch the whole episode.