News = Dad's not a woman

Yeah. Some families are confusing.

What about Bruce Jenner? They’re families Christmas dinner at the table must have been a little confusing.

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Don’t know much about him/her but I’m sure Dad had dreams of that nature.

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“Why aren’t you talking Kanye?”

Are you referring to the rapper? I don’t understand.

Kanye West is married to Kim Kardashian who is in a way related to Kaitlyn Jenner. It was a Christmas dinner table joke but probably isnt gonna be taken well by the community and i kind of regret posting it

Oh, give us the joke. It would be teasing not to now. We will keep it in context.

All’s I know is that my best boss to work for was Lesbian. She really apprecaiated hard work no matter what your sex.

All’s I know is that it’s great over here in Australia we have same sex marriage now in law after a horribly expensive journey for a vote!

I think the world is changing and we all need to adjust. It’s different from when I was growing up but it’s much more complicated now. I don’t find it bad others are living their dreams in genders diverse.

Kudos to you all and much love over the spectrum. Even if it’s not your cup of tea!

I just did. The joke would be all at the dinner table and someone says “y so quiet kanye?”

ok. I don’t understand the joke. Will you explain?

I paraphrased from a Dave Chappelle joke where he was talking about Bruce turning into Kaitlyn and how well society responded to it. But he made the joke about how he knew about it before it happened. “Hey kanye why the long face?”
“O u’ll see. Got 2 mother in laws now”

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