Toxic positivity


My fam needs to read this.

  • It prevents growth : It allows us to avoid feeling things that might be painful, but it also denies us the ability to face challenging feelings that can ultimately lead to growth and deeper insight.

yea I agree with this.

if I just avoid feeling the depression then the depression is not going to go away. it will just grow and grow.

until I have an even worse situation one day when it all becomes too much and the depression feeling overflows

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one form of positivity that I always and I mean like 99.9999 percent of the time carry around with me is that everything is going to be okay. even when i was researching ways to kill myself once, as a back up if life did not change,I still carried the belief that life will get better,well it was more of an affirmation I don’t know if that is the same as a belief

I bought into toxic positivity for years, and it definitely contributed to my eventual breakdown. I really try to make an effort now to be honest about my emotions and take the time to process them,instead of pushing aside everything complicated and unpleasant.


just wondering, do you speak like a human being?

Yes, I do speak like a human being

Ok, well, can I change the subject, I’ve been everywhere, man, thru this surveillance!

i hope i dont do this, i try to be real and empathetic but maybe sometimes when my mood is low i can be like that, its very easy to fall down that cakehole of toxic positivivity, most people do genuinely try and help when they say these thing but ultimately it could do more harm than good.


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