Positivism and optimism

I think I could not live without my positivism and optimism, I know that I have had many phases when I have been suicidal, but now I am ok, but this positivism is something that enables me to continue …and you?

Very much so
Positivity is what keeps me going

İf somethings are positive there is no needs tobe negative opposites are welcome too.i have been suicidal for all my life.most of the time blow my head idea calm me down but i have to live for my family.just hanging no need to be suicide for now

My view is neither positive nor negative.
It’s simply Realistic.
If I mess with my meds I end up in the Hospital.
It’s as Real as it gets.


I think that positivism has helped me often in my life, there have been several phases of depression in my life in the past and I might have not been able to overcome these without this positive attitude and some optimism.

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Consider me the poster boy for positivity!! I try to be optimistic and positive although i waiver at times. I write myself little pep talk speeches/ essays to remind myself to be positive. I am collecting many of my essays and poems i have written over the past 15 years to publish a book. Here is an excerpt from my work-in-progress book, “Is My Reality Real”:

Negativity is a poison that can concur your soul. It will twist your outlook to a bleak perspective that will blacken your heart. It will drain you of your essence and kill your willingness to endure the struggle. It will become an ever tormenting black cloud looming over you robbing you of the light we all so desperately need. The eventual disparaging thoughts will run thru your veins eventually infecting your brain with a maddening darkness. The darkness of negativity will become ever expansive, eclipsing the brief glimmers of light with which we attempt to keep ourselves illuminated and safe. The glaring shadow over your shoulder is an ever haunting reminder of how close you are to succumbing to the terrifying blackness of the night and having your last wavering light extinguished by the gentlest breeze. The wind is persistent in its chase to steal your faltering flame. The obstacles become seemingly impossible to overcome attempting to follow the increasingly dimly lit path, and escape becomes a wavering hope in the darkness. Without my light i will become blinded by the endless blackness of night and never be able to traverse the treacherous road ahead in an attempt to find my way back to the light. Staying positive is your only antidote to the negativity that poisons souls and leaves the formerly strong willed and resilient left with no hope, and no light, destined to wander blindly in the all encompassing blackness of the terrifying night.

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I agree that negativity is a poison, which is why I do not want to be with very negative people, I do not want to poison myself.

I liked very much how you wrote about negativity, excellent.

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Good @mjseu!! now you have to buy my book when i get it finished!!! Lol. Hopefully have it together by summer, my wife and i are going to self publish it. Ill count you in as my first buyer!!

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