Torture dreams yo

Sometimes i don’t know if it’s them doing it.

But sometimes it’s completely obvious. They grabbed my dream the other night.

So. There i was hanging out with some rich folks. For some reason i was doing some levitating and laying on the floor at which point i would just begin moving around and sliding around on the floor.

And then boom! Rich woman freaks out at me and gets in my face! Starts yelling at me about my values or some ■■■■! I was like “what values?” She looked a bit perplexed at my answer. I had no idea that i had values though.

And then boom! I woke up where i was lying. But i was still in a dream though. And then boom! I looked down and something was underneath my blanket moving around, like a very very very large insect or something.

And then boom it got worse! I started feeling all of these fingers and hands. They were poking and grabbing all over. I creeped out and freaked out and got up and went down to try and get help. On the way i was covered in fingers aggresively tapping all over my body in different parts.

And then boom! I woke up.

It’s bad ■■■■ yo. Bad bad ■■■■ these things.

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I’ve had false awakenings on seroquel which was the med from he’ll for was purely med related.

A lot of (not all) the stuff you talk about sounds med related, is there any chance you could change meds, or are you stuck with what you’ve got?

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I had a dream once where there were these spiders that had four pairs of meaty fingers instead of legs, and they were all over me and just kind flapped their legs on me. They didn’t do much other than that, but it was terrifying.

Dude I had a dream within a dream last night, I tried to wake up and thought I was awake but no it was a nightmare

Very much like torture yo