Wierdest dreams you have

I have the strangest dreams. When i thought for a year i was going to hell for the unforgivable sin i would dream of maggetts and terrible dreams about me bring rejected or humilated. I dreamt last night about my cousins. It was so freaky, wierd and surreal. In the dream one of my cousins was talking down to me, looking down on me like he has. I was screaming in my dreams and i put up the finger while i was totally asleep. Im not a mean person but i think familiar spirits(spirits without bodies have had a strong grip on my mind while im asleep. People call them intrusive thoughts. Does anybody else have dreams like this i think happen because of sz among other things?

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I used to not dream at all but now I do. It was sleep apnea. Now I dream again but I can’t ever recall them. I had a really weird dream the other night but I couldn’t remember what it was about. Just that it was weird.

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Thats better then night terrors. Thats good :+1:


Ya. My psychiatrist says I have PTSD from my combat experience but I don’t really think that I do but it’s in my chart. I don’t have nightmares.

If I have PTSD from anything I think it was from living with an alcoholic that almost drank herself to death. But I try not to talk about that with my shrink or my therapist. It’s like reliving it again. Those weren’t good times.

My wife still drinks but she was diagnosed and is now treated for social anxiety so it’s not nearly as bad anymore. She doesn’t get as sloppy as she used to.

I am sorry that your dreams trouble you.


I used to dream about radioactivity on buspar.

How’d that play out? In your dream

Thick air. Glowing. Spiders with horns.

Lol thats funny😁

I have lots of lucid dreams where I can either levitate or move objects with my mind. I do it in almost every dream I figure out is a dream… levitation most often. You just think about lifting off and there you go! I can never fly full speed though, only done that in like one or two dreams in my lifetime.

Wow! I usesd to have the same dreams when my life was going really good and i felt on top of things. Hopfully ill get there again. Lifes just highs and lows. Its like you really feel it when your flying. Ive only had that dream once or twice to. Amazing coincidence

Sucks. Thats tough i know

I hav many dreams where old friends are rejecting me and it makes me wonder if I hav ptsd

This morning I dreamed that the owner of my fave convenience store, Belinda, was stinking drunk and coming on to me. She’s the one who sold me so many oceans of beer over the years. So I don’t know if I dreamed that to get even with her or what. Probably so. My dream gave her a taste of her own medicine.

They say that dreams ordinarily express wishes or fears. I think mine of Belinda was a wish-fulfillment.

K. I guess we got to stop

I had a dream going with Jesus to the shop buying cigarettes. He wa concerned about his dress cause it was out of fashion. We had a long chat.

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I used to dream of a green moon and the end of the world.


Now I hear Jesus crying telling me I am an idiot.

Jesus is over it. We are brothers again. I had talk again.Never mind you get that sometimes in the family.

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