Topamax can help you lose weight?


My podc told me that Topamax can help you lose weight by reducing your appetite. Has anyone tried this as an add on to their antipsychotic? She said possible side effects of the med are not being able to find the right words and kidney stones. Thinking of trying it.


I think I’ve heard this before. Hope it works for you!


Yes, in some. Though Topamax was originally used only as an anti-epileptic and migraine medication, it is becoming popular as a weight loss medication. It’s mechanism of action in weight loss is uncertain, but it’s efficacy in producing weight loss is well-documented. Combination with phentermine is also becoming more common. Phentermine has been known for years to suppress appetite.

Although many experience some weight loss with Topamax, there is no guarantee that you will have the same experience.


I took Topamax for a few weeks. It gave me the shakes really badly.


Thanks for the info!


Oh no @ninjastar! That’s not good! Thanks for the info!


topomax made my vision blurry

apparently it can cause blindness


Oh no! That is terrible! My antipsychotic already makes my vision blurry.


I don’t know how common that side effect is, but please be careful :heart:


I lost 8 lbs so far and I do forget words slightly but eventually they come to me. I have heard of better success stories than mine I take 2 50mg doses a day. Doesn’t exactly kill my appetite but it helps


That is great @catherine!


I take Topamax for mood stabilization but the dose works to reduce appetite too. I didn’t notice it helping me that much until recently when I stopped taking rexulti. Now I’m barely eating, I’ve got no appetite at all. So maybe the rexulti was blocking the effects of the Topamax. Oh well, I lost a couple pounds in the last few days so yeah.


I wouldn’t be too eager to get kidney stones. I’ve heard Topamax can help treat alcoholism.


Congrats on that @leaf!


Me neither. I have a family history of kidney stones. Alcoholism? Wow! I shouldn’t drink but do in small amounts.


My dad had kidney stones. I don’t know about any other relatives.


My Dad, Mom, and two sisters have had kidney stones. Taking this med would be playing with fire to lose weight for me.


It may have side-effects but you need to be careful while using it.