The great thing about this forum

Is that you can combine the knowledge of other people to tackle the challenges caused by your sz. Two heads are better than one.


When I first came here I knew nothing about my meds and the side effects

It let me learn very quickly, and I could advocate for better treatment

I learned a lot about SZ as well

No one ever spoke to me in much detail about my ailments from a healthcare perspective


It helped me learn about sz and managing symptoms and meds.It’s also been a very inclusive and supportive community. Some nice people use this forum and always have.


this forum has helped me a great deal

being able to talk to people going threw the same symptoms

people here seem genially nice and helpful


Very similar situation. I did know about meds and side effects, I did research on this, but I didn’t get as much detail from my health care team either and I learned that I could advocate for better treatment from this forum.


The great thing about this forum is that there’s just this tiny community and we all like to be crazy selves in a good way and no one seems to mind… So far.


It helped me feel less alone. I was a teenager and didn’t know anybody that could understand what I was going through. Even the first therapists I had didn’t know how to help me. I found this site and found people that were like me. People that understood something that nobody should have to understand. It helped me connect to @ninjastar An amazing person who never gave up on me. Who helped me crawl my way up through my pits when it would have been understandable to leave me alone.


Speaking to people like you is very helpful I find. It makes you feel more normal. You can also use other people’s knowledge and experience to approach your symptoms in a new way.

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Being here has helped me a LOT when I went thru my sza episodes and I’m so grateful to you guys! We’re family :blush::hugs:


I love the community we all have here. I love that we try to help each other out, but also be silly or serious or whatever and we’re friends. It’s a blessing


It’s nice to be able to talk to others with Sz.


This forum is really nice. I’m usually a lurker and read to learn more things from others. I’m trying to post more regularly now cause I really appreciate this place. It’s a safe space where no one looks at me like I’m insane. I don’t even talk about some things I do here, in irl group. It’s nice to not be judged.