Took half a benzo. All coping strategies didn't work today

I have a few benzos left. I took half of one. Today has been the day from hell. I hope everyone else is having a better day.

Just waiting for it to kick in.


Hang in there. Yeah bad days do happen so hope you get some relief. It’s not a bad thing having a benzo every now and then!

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I’m sorry your having a rough day @everhopeful.
Hang in there.
This shall pass.

I’m having a pretty low motivation day although I drove to the local deli and bought some milk.

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@everhopeful why not some L Theanine instead?

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I take the max amount of L-theanine every single day to help me tolerate abilify - 1200mg (2x 600mg). I’d already taken 1200mg of l-theanine.

The day was so bad that I just needed the half benzo too.

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