I didn't feel my depot injection at all the last two times. Here's why


I get a Risperdal Consta injection every two weeks on my rear end. It usually is very painful. Now, my nurse uses a Lidocaine/Prilocaine cream, 2.5% each, on the injection area fifteen minutes before the injection. Normally she just puts a little on the injection site and doesn’t rub it in very well. And the shot still hurts a bit. For the last two weeks, I have been having her rub the cream in really good into the injection area and leaving it on for fifteen minutes. The rubbing makes all the difference in the world. I feel absolutely nothing when she gives me my injection now. The area is completely numb. I don’t feel either the needle going in or the medication going in at all. This cream could work just as well on the arm, I suppose.


My nurse started using a bigger needle to make it hurt less. It stings a tiny but more when the needle goes in, but not much, and it burns a whole lot less as the med goes in because it goes in faster.


I got mine this morning, I don’t really get much pain from it


My nurse uses a 1 inch needle on me because she says it hurts less than those big old 2 and a half inch needles. Besides, my rear end isn’t all that big so we can get away with it.


What med do you get?


Abilify Injection once a month


Oh, I didn’t realize that wasn’t a painful depot. Good for you!


Sometimes I notice a slight pain when the Consta goes in, and sometimes not. Any pain though is gone after a few minutes.


Sometimes it stings and other times there’s no sensation at all when I get the Invega injection. I get it in the shoulder/arm.


My Paliperadone Jab never seems to hurt at first. But give it two days later and it always hurts like a bitch at the injection site. Its the same whether i have it in the arse or the arm. Last time i had it in the arse i could hardly walk - i seem to get a delayed reaction to it.


Yes xeplion used to hurt my anus terribly after the 2nd day. Could hardly walk.


Yeah! thats why i have been having it the arm lately - at least then i can sit down lol!


I can experience some soreness like a day or two after the shot.