Tomorrow is last day to quit school

The voices are really pressuring me to quit. I don’t think I will though. I just don’t want to quit. I’ve been doing pretty good so far. Hopefully things will be okay.

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I was able to finish just about. My grade wasn’t to bad in the end. I think it could have been much worse, but also much better if I had not turned psychotic in my last year. It was difficult, but I hope you stick at it, as you won’t regret it if you pass and get the certificate.

No one can take that away from you. People will have a lot of respect for you as well for achieving something like that with the challenges I can only begin to imagine you’re going through.

Best of luck.


I would say it depends on your grades. If your grades aren’t great then quit. However if they are alright, then stay with it. Passion and perseverance is the path to success.

Grades aren’t everything. I know someone through family who did a degree, got a bad grade, but still got a job working for a fancy electronics company in Bristol, England (Pretty expensive place to live) working as a programmer for a major manufacturer.

I think being a ■■■■ makes you less employable, a qualification does help though.

As I wanted to quit college, I’ve read some studies that say it’s very important for the employer to employ people who are agreeable and social

Depends if the employer check your transcript and GPA. If they don’t then sure.

It’s important, but what really sucks is that this illness hits around the higher education time/ high school for a lot of people, and it can have a massively negative impact.

It’s worth trying to finish. My qualifications meant nothing for about three years, but then a job came up in the company I worked for, which I wouldn’t have gotten if I hadn’t saw through the course I did.

It isn’t easy, but just getting over the line is something you will not regret.


Hang in there, you’ll prove the voices wrong soon enough. You’ll be fine, pass the course and enjoy your success!

The voices are just being really nasty about things. They know when I’m stressed and they become really powerful when I’m feeling depressed.

Commitment is important. If you’re being considered for a job or another course, and you dropped out, that might not help your case.

Do you have or can you get some PRN to help you when you feel like this?

Yes, I can take Ativan.

I just took one.

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I hope it helps you calm down.

I am also on benzos at the moment. It’s not ideal, but if it even helps calm a bit that’s a good thing.

@SnowTiger. From your previous posts on the forum, it seems that you have gotten good grades in the past and that you enjoy the subjects you’re studying. And you’ve managed this despite the pressure of your negative voices.

I really think you should continue with your studies. Do your best and learn as much as you can, both about the subjects you’re studying and about navigating life in general. It’s really the journey that’s important to your growth as a person — the destination is somewhat secondary.


Thank you Moonbeam. I have really been enjoying the program I’m doing. I’m learning all about how to make video games. Lately I’ve been learning how to make games with Unity and C#. I’m making a game and doing lots of programming in order to do it.


That sounds like a really interesting subject.

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I have a dream of making educational games with Unity and C#. That sounds like a chill career path you’re on.

The basics aren’t too hard, but the advanced stuff is still a bit beyond me. There are tons of tutorials out there.

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