School and voices

I’m thinking of going back to school. I finished my BA years ago while I had schizophrenia but I didn’t have voices as bad as I have it now. Currently hear internal voices from when I wake up until I go to bed.

Anyone care to share their experiences with going to school while hearing voices?

My major concern is possibly mishearing or thinking I’m not hearing the professor correctly during lectures due to external voices. And another concern is not getting enough sleep due to stress and having to deal with a harsh relapse. I have found going 24 hours without sleep causes me to hear external voices and feel suicidal.


School can be stressful.

I’m in school now, and it’s going fine, but last time I was in school, I ended up hospitalized. I didn’t make enough time for myself to de-stress after school, and I didn’t get enough sleep. Eventually the stress caught up with me, and my voices got much, much worse, until a weekend where I couldn’t handle them and I wound up in the hospital.

Make sure you give yourself time to de-stress each day, make a schedule if you have to. Also try to get enough sleep if you can. If it takes you a while to fall asleep, go to bed earlier if you can.


I want to go to law school. Which I know is super stressful. I am pretty sure I can handle it, but worried during exam time I won’t get enough sleep and will crack at the end of the year. Which would be horrible because he first year of law is the most important and most courses there is only one exam for the year at the end of the semester.

I couldn’t handle going to school because of the hallucinations. Doing school online was the only way I could do it. With it being online I could take frequent breaks. I ended up graduating with a 3.97 gpa. I wouldn’t have been able to do that in a regular classroom. Good luck to you. :sun_with_face:


Wow that gpa is really good. What field did you take in school?

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I got my BS in IT concentrating on computer programming. With online schooling there isn’t the pressure of testing. You write a lot of papers. :sun_with_face:


Hi @mightymike,

May I ask what you got your BA in?

I don’t mean to discourage you in anyway, but law school can be very stressful.

Are there other grad school majors that interest you?

Maybe look into a few online grad programs. Weigh some options. But if law is your passion, go for it!

I’m going back to school soon too, but it’s online. I’ve tried in-person classes and failed at those.

Good luck! :v:

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BA in political science and criminal justice.

There aren’t any other majors that really interest me. Possibly a MBA but to get the most of it you really have to network and I think that it would be hard to socialize that much with Sz. I know you have to do socializing with a JD but I am pretty sure it will be a lot less.

I wanted to do another Bachelors in computer science but I would have to re take high school courses cause I don’t have the math for it. This is a pain because I am too old to go through all that schooling plus I am sure the voice I am hearing will constantly patronize me for going back to ‘high school’ despite the courses being all online.


I also have to do online school. I heard voices while in a psychology class and I missed most of what the professor said. Ended up dropping out of all my classes that semester. Have been doing just online classes for now.


Curious were the voices internal or external? And if they were external were they making you hear te voice externally over what the prof was saying?

I was hearing whispers in my head. I couldn’t focus. Noone in the class was talking. It was internally.

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