Today is going to suck

Somehow today I have to find a way to not go get nicotine lozenges and not eat 3000 calories. I am so irritable. I guess I’ll sleep all day or something, idk.


what the heck are nicotine lozenges? does that have a good taste?

If it works for you, I’d say, keep taking it.

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why did you stop in the first place? What gave you that drive? What is the desired outcome? And what happens if you go back?

Those are probably questions that have hard answers, answers it may be a boon to remember. Without the withdrawal or craving twisting our rationale.

I wish I had more to offer.

Sending you some llama luck.

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I just want to be free of the addiction to nicotine. They aren’t meant to be used long term. I’ve known of a couple people to get hooked after smoking cessation for several years and I’m wanting to avoid that. I quit smoking at the end of July using the patches and started the lozenges sometime in September. So that’s more than 2 months of lozenges. Plus even though I’m spending a lot less than I did on cigarettes, it’s still an expense. The lozenges are about $40 for 80 lozenges and I use 5 or more a day. I just think it’s time to be free of the addiction even though I have to suffer for a couple days. Plus I’m hoping to get off my blood pressure meds once I get off the lozenges or at least lower the dosage.

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Instead of cutting yourself off cold turkey, why don’t you reduce the number of lozenges you are using by one a week? It will be less harsh that way.

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Those are fine answers and a strength, all of them good reasons to quit. Don’t forget them today. Try to remind yourself of those reasons, maybe that’ll make it easier.

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I actually did taper down, I am going to be ok, I can do this. It’s just gotta suck for a couple days. But at least I’m not homocidal like I was whenever I tried to quit smoking.

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