Today is going to be a good day!

That’s what I tell myself every morning. And I think it helps me. At least it puts me in a better mind set if I having a difficult time thinking. I’m I the only one who has trouble in the morning? When I first wake up I feel better, but then all this pressure builds up from the previous day and It tries to get me to think about the chaos from yesterday. Sometimes this can last for week or so. My sub conscience is so damaged that it will repeat or say things to help the evil. This is when I usually tell myself “Most Hated your going to have a good day”. lol.

Anyways if this happens to you too, any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Why is your username ‘MostHated’, why not ‘MostLoved’?

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That’s kind of you to say. I’d rather keep it to myself though.

Take care

There are many feelings I want to avoid, one is hate because I think that hate is very energy consuming and people do stupid things when they hate somebody or something.

I just woke up a few minutes ago and I’m feeling pretty anxious about my symptoms. The last few days have been pretty mild but I expect it will go back to total bs again. I’m so ready to get over this illness. Maybe today will be good but I don’t know. Have a good one most hated.

Maybe try to have some upbeat or maybe relaxing music playing while you let yourself awaken slowly. Maybe make some posters with motivational quotes on them and put them on your walls. Try to remember that it’s a new day and realize that what happens in your day is largely under your own control. Wishing you all the best…Q


I try to live in the moment, and I would say I do a pretty good job at it. I noticed that if I think about something too long then it makes me crazy. I saw a quote one time that said the difference between normal people and mad people is that mad people just think about things longer. Which I found true for me…

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