What would you say to yourself?

if you could look back and think when you were really unwell what you would say to yourself to try and help you at that time what would it be?

i think i would say something like ‘dont be so stupid’ but maybe that is just hindsight lol

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“Listen to your partner” I was real bad off and i couldn’t tell what was real and what was in my head. My partner wanted to get me help sooner but i fought it for a few months during the really bad times. And she made sure i took my medication when i didn’t want to take it because of the side effects like when i was on fanapt.


find the rabbit hole to ’ wonderland ’ and go have tea and scones and jam and cream with the march hare, the door mouse and the mad hatter and never come back !?!
take care

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Keep going as you are.

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I’d say there are millions of people in the world what makes you so singled out persecuted, you’re cazy, take some meds please.

Take the meds is what I would say

¿Qué estás haciendo?
(What are you doing?)

I wouldn’t say anything. I would just give myself a hug and not let go until little me let go.

Just hang in there. Things will get better and couldln’t get much worse.

I would say hang in there, things are going to get better, you have support and love of your family. You are going through delusional thinking. Be kind to your mom and sister, things are difficult for them too. Right now i need someone to say these things to me. Experiencing harrassment from a group of people who hate and judge me. They call me all sorts of names and never actually leave me alone. Wish my thoughts were much better like before. Getting judged for my intrusive thoughts. See pictures of people in my mind and i don’t want to commmunicate with them. Luckily nothing major like death has resulted from past unwell self. We should be grateful we’re still life and if have it still our health.

I might even try to shake myself and say something like. ‘Snap out of it’ :frowning:

It’s weird that I would probably do all the wrong things but I think that’s just the only way to get through to me

It would probably make me feel even worse if I did or said those things tho and I would probably start getting paranoid about my family or whoever said or did that.

When I was in hospital the first time this guy did a Vulcan mind meld thing to me and I was like wtf, it didn’t help tho funny enough.

Would you put down that God-forsaken reefer?

The people around you want for you your happiness.

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I would say to myself "Don’t worry, remain composed. The devil cannot get at you. Youre a good person. You will get better. In two years time you will feel much better. So, for now, just go and volunteer with a Christian or spiritual organisation such as the Buddhists.

This is actually a hard one to ponder. Would I be doing as well as I am today if I didn’t go through what I did?

I would love to go back and try and talk myself out of a lot of pain. But where would that put me today?

If I did that, I might be learning those lessons later instead of sooner.

This too will pass.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

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