Hows you all today

i am having such a down day. i went out for a hour to lunch and i all i thought was people are reading my thoughts and just wanted to be home and safe. i hate these days :frowning: my thoughts are mild for me but they are still so strong. why must i cope like this :frowning:

I’m having a slightly manic few days atm. Can’t stop cleaning. Voices r quiet enough for me to get on with stuff…safe in the knowledge that they can’t read my mind and do not exist outside of my imagination. No one can read ur mind hunni. Try and chill out around people. They’re honestly too preoccupied with their own ■■■■ to b worrying about me or u. Hope this helps xxx

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IZE fine…

I had a bad day at work too. My coworkers are cliquey and mean… Down right vicious actually. I am usually one of the few that they like to chitter chatter about. Stupid clucking hens.

I hope that you get some peace and quiet soon, days like yours are very hard. Stay strong, good days ahead!!

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I know exactly how you feel. I hate that feeling so much! Try to take deep breaths or just smile at people. Then if they are reading your mind and you think something bad they’ll just think you’re messing with them. I mean, how many times have you seen a person get up and say " hey you, I was just reading your mind and I didn’t like what you said so now I’m gonna beat you up!" ? I know you probably don’t want to offend anyone cause that’s my fear but just try to Apologize in your head… It helps .