Today i was in gym

That was fine, tomorrow going again, need to burn a lot of calories. Now i am eating more, i will build some muscles be fit and prepare for some job, or i will be famous athlete.


I think it’s terrific that you’re tending to your health this way. Way to go!


eating less helps with fitness, methinketh. in fact, i usually exercise only after not eating for many hours, as i find it easier then.

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Not only does exercise burn calories, it raises your metabolism so that you burn calories quicker. You’re doing right.


Well done yo!:blush:

I miss going to gym in a way because I can adore it and attending a group aerobics or pump but I just did not feel good with people as such so I exercise alone now plus it’s expensive to have gym membership.
Was better than dance where I felt attacked by everyone I could see as such.

Good wishes to you at the gym.

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