Today i started Buspar

im feeling more relaxed and my muscles are not jittery or twitching and breathing is more flowing

tonight i also was able to finally play in a uscf rated online chess tournament for the first time online. i have been trying to play in one since new years and because of the time difference in zones when it was listed or if i had fallen asleep or been busy i wasnt able to play in one until tonite.

being able to play in the uscf rated online tournament is a good omen that buspar and i will have good days together i feel


What is busbar for?

its for anxiety

Buspar was going to be my next med if the Lexapro increase did not help my anxiety (it did).
I’m glad you’re doing well! Anxiety is a really horrible state to be in.

I just started Buspar5mg today wish me luck that it works


I too have started buspar in the last couple of weeks. It seems to be working.

Just warning don’t be like me and take like 30mgs at once hoping it will calm you down. All it did was make me extremely dizzy and then threw up.

I take 60mg a day and it has helped me out. :hedgehog::hedgehog::hedgehog:

yea i still am taking buspar and i havent needed xanax ever since. it is wayyy healthier than xanax. i can still tell when its that time of the day to take it. but compared to xanax its not as harmful as far as withdrawal or being late to take meds.

I take Ativan. 1515